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Fashion Trends That Ought to Join Us in 2017


It’s that time of year again – time to wonder how the year went by so fast and what exactly we accomplished during it. Though Twitter, Tumblr, and basically every other social media site except LinkedIn have put up a strong argument that 2016 was an epic failure,  we can always count on fashion to offer some light at the end of the tunnel. 2016 has seen numerous fashion trends but the looming question still exists: how long will they last? However, don’t throw out your Adidas Superstars just yet. Here are some trends we hope will stick around in 2017.

Silk/Satin Apparel


You know feminism is in full swing when what used to be considered nighttime wear for wealthier women is being worn in bars, restaurants, or simply in the streets. Silk and satin slip dresses have taken over fashion, with silk and satin tops, shorts, pants, jumpsuits, and chokers becoming increasingly popular as well. They’ve become especially popular this holiday season as a smart alternative for those who want to look shiny and glamorous without the sequins and sparkles. Will silk and satin stick around past the holidays? We sure hope so. Not only are silk and satin stunning, but they’re extremely comfortable fabrics. Going to the bar in what is technically sleepwear has officially become a thing! It better stick around.

Adidas Sneakers

PFW: Chanel Arrivals

Adidas sneakers, particularly the Adidas Superstars, have stuck around for yet another year, and 2017 is pretty unlikely to be their downfall. The Superstars are popular because they’re a classic: a pair of white sneakers, which can add something to any closet, regardless of personal style. Additionally, the Adidas Superstars – along with other Adidas sneakers like the Adidas Sambas and the Adidas Samoas – are pretty dang comfortable. Wearing Adidas sneakers is like pushing your foot into a cozy cushion. Adidas sneakers are also fairly cheap, with Superstars costing $80, Sambas running for $70 , and Samoas also running for $70. We, and our wallets, sure hope these babies stick around.

Over-the-Knee Boots


Another shoe that has been killing the game is the over-the-knee boot. Commonly paired with dresses, oversized hoodies, or jeans, these boots are the definition of “get yourself a shoe that can do both.” They can be worn casually or dressily and do a great job elongating your legs. Plus, they come in a variety of fabrics like  leather, suede, and crushed velvet. Most of all, we hope over-the-knee boots stick around because winter hasn’t even begun. With the weather bound to drop even lower pretty soon, we’re going to want to choose these babies over ankle boots any day.



While the choker initially may have appeared to be yet another trend plucked out of the nineties, it has really evolved this year. While spiked and tattoo chokers add edge to casual looks, satin, velvet, suede, and tied chokers have been completing formal looks as well, giving the choker an appealing versatility that is bound to keep it around in 2017. Plus, while necklaces may rust over time and get tangled, chokers generally keep their shape. They can add a lot to an outfit for much cheaper than a statement necklace.

Bomber Jackets


The bomber jacket has become more than a trend in 2016. If anything, it has become a staple, among the likes of the leather jacket, the wool jacket, and the puffy winter jacket. Bomber jackets are pretty much the answer to the question of what jacket you wear when it’s cold but not that cold. They’re a great weather jacket for climates where the winter isn’t too cold, or for the spring and summer seasons. They also partially solve that age-long predicament of how to look fashionable in the rain without having to hide your outfit in a poncho. If the bomber jacket disappears in 2017, prepare for an uprising.

Denim/Corduroy Skirts


The skater skirt may have stolen our hearts in 2014 and 2015, but denim and corduroy skirts have come back with a vengeance. Denim skirts may cause Britney Spears or elementary school flashbacks. However, this year they’ve  reinvented themselves as staples for preppy and grunge looks. While skater skirts are generally made up of flimsier material, denim and corduroy skirts are also warmer – perfect for those who don’t want to sacrifice skirts and dresses in the wintertime. Since they come in a range of colors, corduroy skirts can also be pretty useful for Spring 2017.

Mom Jeans


High-waisted jeans have taken over both casual wear and party wear and “Mom” jeans – their slouchy, cuffed alternative – are no exception. These jeans are cozy and promote cheaper fashion, since many great mom jeans can be found at thrift shops. Mom jeans are vital for those who want the high-waisted look without necessarily suffocating from the waist-down. President Obama may be leaving office in 2017, but that doesn’t mean we need to give up his favorite jean.

Off-the-shoulder/Bardot Tops



Finding fresh ways to show skin is always a challenge, but it’s a challenge women slayed as off-the-shoulder tops (also called “bardot” tops) were reintroduced to the scene. Showing cleavage and accentuating your butt never hurt anybody, but it’s understandable to want a night when you don’t have to worry about a nip slip or mooning someone. Off-the-shoulder tops are a great way to add sex appeal to an outfit without doing much. Plus, since finding new ways to show skin isn’t easy, it’s fair that we’d want to hold onto this one.

A new year means new goals – including fashion goals! Before you cleanse your wardrobe this New Year, consider keeping these trends around. We have a feeling they’re going to be just as big in 2017!

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