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5 Reasons to Apply to the New York Women in Communications Scholarship Program



Not only was my scholarship class incredible, they were also super photogenic (I didn’t get the “funny photo” memo apparently)

Last April, I got the incredible opportunity to attend the Matrix Awards, an annual awards ceremony that honors groundbreaking women in communications. As a New York Women in Communications scholarship winner, I was honored alongside over 20 other amazing women. It was an amazing experience and since then, winning the scholarship has given me more and more incredible opportunities. The application for the scholarship is now open. If you’re a young woman studying communications and you are a permanent resident in New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey or Connecticut, or attend a university in New York, apply today! I don’t mince words when I say that winning one of these scholarships can change your life. Here are 5 reasons why you should apply today:

1. You join a network of inspirational women
The women in my scholarship class, alone, left me in awe. They’re journalists, filmmakers, young professionals and incredible students. Hearing them speak about their passions was inspiring and I would be lying if I said I didn’t occasionally stalk their social media to see their incredible achievements.

Outside of my class is an entire network of scholarship winners, New York Women in Communications (NYWICI) members and professionals who are only too eager to be of help with career advice. Members have gone on to successful careers in magazines, film, PR and more. When applying for internships this fall, I was fortunate enough to connect with a few former scholarship winners which certainly helped me land an amazing fall internship. I even met a former winner at the news organization I worked at this summer!

2. You become a member of NYWICI
Becoming a member of NYWICI has given me access to a bunch of opportunities. Being a member means access to the professional events held by the organization, such as panel discussions, tours, and networking opportunities. This past November I attended the Student Communications Career Conference and heard from communicators who work in digital media, non-profit communications, fashion and beauty and more. There was even a panel on entering the job market which was certainly relevant.

Being a member also means you can take part in the organization’s committees, which improve the experience of members and potential members. I’m on the student affairs committee and I got to help plan the Student Communications Career Conference which gave me valuable experience in event-planning as I helped manage the non-profit panel.
3. You get to attend the Matrix Awards
The Matrix Awards will always be a highlight in my college career. Each year is slightly different, and my year was amazing. After a sleepover at the Waldorf Astoria (really!) with the other scholarship winners, we got to appear on the Today Show before coming back to the Waldorf Astoria for the Matrix Awards. I was in awe of the women winning Matrix Awards, including Time editor Nancy Gibbs and Mellody Hobson, and it was truly inspiring to join them on the stage and be recognized for my achievement in communication. I felt powerful.

4. It’s a scholarship!

College is expensive, people. In addition to working as a Resident Assistant to off-set the cost of housings, I do have loans and I was truly worried about continuing my college career at my university. Winning the scholarship has allowed me to stay on track with my graduation plans and even go abroad next semester!

5. There might be an internship involved

The scholarship program itself includes several different named scholarships (I won the Hearst Scholarship, which was a dream come true). Some of the scholarships come with summer internships by the scholarship sponsor. My scholarship sisters got to intern at places like Meredith Corporation and Scholastic.


The application for the 2017-2018 academic year is open now. Applicants must send in their resume, write a short essay, and obtain two letters of recommendation. The application is open until Jan. 27, 2017. 


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