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Trump Won… Now What?


A week ago, Donald Trump won the nomination to be the 45th president of the United States. Americans everywhere mourned Hillary Clinton’s loss. Many expressed fears for their safety. Protests have been breaking out around college campuses and major cities. Clinton won the popular vote, but Trump won the electoral vote. Therefore, he is our president, and we must accept that.

This election was brutal. It was a wild ride from start to finish. Now that we are at the end of this crazy journey… where do we go from here?

  1. Repair Relationships

People got really invested in this election. This was my first time voting, so I paid closer attention than I ever have before. During this election, we turned on each other. This election proved how divided America truly is. I know I unfriended people because of their political beliefs. People have been blocking family members because they shared anti-Hillary memes. What happened to respecting each others’ opinions? I am 100% guilty of doing this and having my fair share of Facebook fights. Now that the election is over, we must not focus on our differences, but rather, our similarities. We all fought for our beliefs but the 2016 election should not be the cause of ruining relationships with family and friends.


2. Learn

We tend to keep ourselves in a bubble. My newsfeed does not consist of anything pro-Trump. Everything is anti-Trump, pro-choice, pro-women, pro-LGBTQ+, etc. You get the picture. So, the fact that anyone voted for Trump is beyond me. Trump supporters probably think the same about us. This is the time to learn. Learn what Trump supporters liked about Trump, what issues are concerning them, and what change they want to see in the next four years. Listening to people’s answers, you may disagree. However, instead of attacking them, stay silent and learn. Hopefully, they will take the time to listen to you too. I know that in the past, I brushed off every Trump supporter. Now is the time to learn about the qualities that they see in our future president.

3. Don’t Immigrate Anywhere

It is very tempting to move to Canada. After all, Justin Trudeau is their attractive, feminist prime minister. However, leaving the country will not do anything. That just gives less of a fight for Trump, which leads me to my next point:


4. Fight

We can be angry that Trump won. In fact, we have every right to be. Now that we had our mourning period, it is time to put up a fight. Stay alert of bills, laws, etc. and write to your senator. Senators are there to represent the people. When elections come up, VOTE. You may not care in the small elections, but you need to. Millennials didn’t vote in the elections for Congress and now we have an all Republican Congress, which has made things difficult for the Obama Administration. Please vote! It doesn’t take that much time and can have a huge impact.

We have a long four years ahead of us. Instead of being angry, we need to be aware and active. We need to learn from each other. Our country is so divided right now. We need to find a common ground that we can all agree on. Trust me, the fight for our freedom as non-white males and LGBTQ+ is far from over.

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