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How To Accept Your Small Boobs


Puberty may suck, but for some of us, coming to terms with what puberty gave us is where the real difficulty lies. The only thing more startling than getting boobs is realizing that your boobs are done growing. And guess what? They’re small!

It’s easy to believe that loving your boobs is achievable through a quick pep-talk, especially with body confidence promotion sweeping the media. However, loving your boobs takes more than just telling yourself to snap out of it. It also means getting real about the reasons behind your insecurity and your expectations of life with the boobs of our dreams. So, let’s debunk this boob debacle.

First off, let’s just throw the big plot twist out there: being insecure about your boobs doesn’t necessarily mean that you don’t like them. In fact, you may be confusing disliking your boobs for disliking your bra. Finding the perfect bra is never easy. You may have a bra with cups small enough for your boobs but that doesn’t fit your body, or a bra with cups that are too big, but that fits your body perfectly. When bras fail to support your boobs, it’s common to blame your boobs and not the bra. Luckily, stores like Victoria’s Secret and Macy’s do bra sizing if you ask an employee, and have online portals where you can check on your own. Getting resized can help you stop attacking your boobs and get acquainted with them instead. You’re less likely to complain about your boobs being too small if you have a bra that supports them.


It also doesn’t hurt to lose the bra in general. This past summer, I did an experiment in going braless. Too lazy to purchase new bras and too stingy to spend money on them, I decided to stop wearing them altogether. It turned out to be a gratifying experience in accepting my boobs. After all, what better way to accept your small boobs than to go on a date with them? Feel them bounce, watch your nips poke through your t-shirt, and ignore any hate from the public. Plus, use your style to your advantage. Going braless looks especially good with muscle tees, silk slips, or crop tops – just ask Rihanna. By getting rid of the intermediary between you and your boobs, you’ll find that there’s a lot more to do with small boobs than you thought.

Of course, don’t underestimate the power of social media. Sites like Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube can play a huge role in our expectations for our bodies. If you’re mostly following bloggers, celebrities, or models with big boobs, then you’ll be less likely to see anything special in your own. Cleanse your social media. It’s okay to follow women of various body types, but make sure you’re actually following some women that look like they have boobs that are your size. Also, keep an eye out for what others are idolizing. That meme page whose owner praises women with bigger boobs or butts while shaming women that don’t? Unfollow it. Don’t let your confidence take a slump just because you don’t fall under someone’s definition of beautiful. You’ll find another meme page, I promise.

Most importantly, however, don’t underestimate the facts. Not liking your small boobs can lead you to consider taking some pretty serious action – a.k.a. a boob job. However, instead of enticing yourself with the idea, take a look at the facts on breast enhancement surgery. According to Cosmopolitan, the average price of a boob job is $3,678. Plus, boob jobs aren’t necessarily a one-time procedure. Twenty-five percent of women will need another surgery after ten years, since the implants could begin to leak or a “scar shell” could develop around it, which will warp the shape of your boobs. Coming to terms with your small boobs isn’t just a matter of accepting them but understanding the consequences of enlarging them. Knowing the risks of undergoing boob surgery might make it easier for you to accept your boobs as they are.

Accepting your boobs can be a difficult process, just like accepting any other part of your body you’re not fond of. However, like any journey in body confidence, you aren’t alone. Remember that there are other women with small boobs – and there are women that are happy with them. Find the source of your insecurity, whether it’s a horrible bra, a douche-y guy/girl, or unrealistic beauty expectations, and squash it. The faster you get honest with your small boobs, the faster you can accept them, and work them to your advantage.


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2 thoughts on “How To Accept Your Small Boobs

  1. I love this post it is perfect I have learned to love and appreciate my B cups. Coming from a mother who had breast reduction and sisters with DD cups always complaining, I’ve learned it better they’re small. Especially if you’re planning on being a mom in the future.


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