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5 Must-Have Safety Apps

0124-innovation-capplife_full_6001When I discovered that safety apps existed, I felt so relieved. Now I know that in emergency situations, I can alert people to what is happening without drawing attention to what I am doing. Here are 5 apps that I’ve tried that I think work the best:

Watch Over Me

This app is available for both iPhone and Android. When you open the app, it gives you options with the sentence “Watch over me while I ______.” You fill in the action you need the app for, such as walking home, catching a cab, or going on a first date. It also gives you the option to fill in how long you need the app to be watching over you for. After filling in the info, you are taken to a counter. If you don’t tap the counter button by the time it hits 0, the app will automatically contact previously designated friends with your location. It also has an emergency alert button if you need immediate help. Starting at $4 a month for advanced features, this app is great for being on your own at night.


This app, also available for iPhones and Androids, shares some similarities with Watch Over Me. You can add pre-designated contacts, and it also has an SOS button for alerting your determined ‘Guardians,’ as the app calls them. When you tap the red SOS button, your phone will set off an alarm and send a GPS location to your Guardians. The downside to this app is it is subscription based, at $20-$30 a year.

React Mobile

Like the aforementioned apps, this one is also available on both iPhones and Androids. It has an SOS feature, and GPS tracking as well. The difference with this app is activating the “Shield,” as they call their SOS option, also gives you a pop-up offering to call 911. The only way to deactivate the shield is to hold the icon and enter the deactivation code, making it harder for someone to intercept you when using it. Like Watch Over Me, this app also has a duration of time you can set for it to check in on your safety.


This app was specifically designed for college students. It has the standard alert friends and alert 911 options, but it also comes with the option to alert campus security officers. You create a 4-digit passcode and then select the contacts you want, as well as a custom message to send when your pre-designated contacts are needed.

Circle of 6 

Available for iPhones and Androids, this app is the one I use every time I go out. You can set six contacts as emergency contacts (hence the name Circle of 6). When you add them, they are alerted to being part of your chosen group. This app also has the option to set a hotline call number, emergency services alerts and even a sexual assault alert.

Being safe when you go out is important, and these apps are all easy to use and discreet. Give them a shot!


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