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The 6 Stages of Applying for an Internship


So you’ve reached that point of college where it is time to “adult” and get a big girl job that will give you real world experience! Applying for that job/internship is a struggle that everyone can relate to. Here are the stages of applying for an internship that makes us go #thestruggleisreal

1.Searching for an Internship


Trying to find an internship you are qualified for is hard. Most internships require a certain GPA, prior experience, or upper division standing. Half the battle is just finding one you maybe qualify for. But learning how to search for internships will make things so much easier. I recommend using for finding an internship. I applied to my internships there and found dozens that worked for me.

2. Resume Time!


Now it’s time to work on your resume! It may take 20 drafts before you have “the one.” My resume got rejected about 10 times before my school finally approved it. It’s important to use your resources to make sure you have the best resume. This means going to resume building workshops on campus and asking for advice from mentors. There are tons of online sources that provide awesome, eye-catching resume templates.

3. The Waiting Game


Waiting is the worst part. If you are anything like me, then you are really impatient, especially when it comes to these types of things. Try to distract yourself with the other exciting things going on in your life. Also, try to refrain from refreshing your email twenty times a day. I do it, and it is torture when I see a notification, only for it to be an email from Dominoes.

4. Interview Time!

interviews job

Interviewing is terrifying. You never know if they will like you. You have to be at the top of your game, dress professionally, and put on your biggest smile. The biggest tip is to just be yourself. Interviewers prefer honest applicants over rehearsed performances. Don’t forget to send your interviewer a follow-up thank you email! This will give you brownie points and make you look very professional.

5. Waiting Some More…

HULU waiting masterchef junior tv fox

Half of this process is waiting. Just hold on tight because the right opportunity will come along eventually! Sometimes you’ll get stuck on this step if the company doesn’t email you back. I went on my fair share of interviews and never heard back. One company said we would schedule a Skype interview next week, then I never heard from them again. If this is the end of your journey for a particular company, do not have a panic attack (like I did). Just start the process over and I PROMISE the right thing will come along.

6. Hearing Back

This could go one of two ways:

HULU excited amy schumer inside amy schumer ecstatic

You got the internship! You beat out all of the applicants because you are awesome. Go shopping for clothes for your internship and celebrate! You deserve it!


HULU sad upset hurt america ferrera

If you don’t get the internship, I promise it is not the end of the world. I got so many rejections before I got my internship. Don’t give up! I wanted to and just accepted my fate of never getting an internship, but my friends and family brought me back to reality. Just keep applying and the perfect thing will come up. Fate has a funny way of working like that. Just remember, everything happens for a reason.

To everyone about to embark on this internship journey for the first or fourth time, I wish you the best of luck!

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