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Your Fashion Trend Report for the Fall and Beyond


Fashion comes and goes in cycles. What’s “out” right now may very well be “in” just a few short years later, and it can be more than a little difficult for the casual consumer to keep track of the seasons. One way that we all keep abreast of the situation in the fashion world is through Google, and it seems that the search engine has really begun to realize its potential. Using data from early 2014 to now, the company compiled an 83-page Fashion Trends Report in which it detailed everything from “rising stars” to “sustained decliners.” We decided to read and summarize the report, so you can know what’s on the up and up, and what’s on its way out.

First off, an overview of the top trends, categories under which many garments are trending. This time around, we see a huge popularity shift towards Military Chic, a tougher category that includes leather, camouflage, bomber jackets, and distressed denim. Next up is Free Spirited, which has styles like boho-dresses, flowing pieces, and off-the-shoulder dresses and tops. The last style group is Ready To Go, which features rompers, jumpsuits, and coordinating two-piece outfits, which convey a sense of ease and playfulness. All of these over-arcing trends play in directly to what’s “in” and “out,” and their influences can be seen throughout this entire list.

Sustained Risers


Biker pants and ripped jeans have been steadily growing in popularity as more and more stores find their way into the trend. The detailing on biker pants adds a smart but subtle interest to an otherwise plain pair of pants, and pre-distressed jeans give an outfit a lived-in “comfy casual” vibe.

Seasonal Risers

BJ BH CG.jpg

These are garments that rise and fall with the seasons, gaining new heights every cycle, but falling by the wayside regularly. This season, we see bomber jackets (most commonly in black, green, pink, and red), boho dresses, and “coatigans,” which is a piece of outerwear that has the weight and material of a coat but falls like a cardigan.

Rising Stars


Pieces that have suddenly experienced a jump in popularity are classified as “rising stars.” Among the list, we can see such items as off-the-shoulder tops, body suits, bralettes, and dashiki dresses.

Sustained Decliners


Drop-crotch pants, see-through clothes, acid-wash jeans, and babydoll dresses all appear to be on a steady downswing with no sign of a recovery just yet. However, babydoll dresses do fall under the category of “free spirited,” which as a whole is experiencing a steady climb, so they may not be all the way out just yet.

Seasonal Decliners

Waist Collage.jpg

If you were to ask a Kardashian, they would say that asymmetrical skirts and waist trainers would be more popular than ever. However, information from Google searches indicates that they’re losing popularity every season, and may soon be out completely.

Falling Stars


And finally, “falling stars,” items who, after a strong incline, seem to be dropping off the fashion radar completely. This season, that seems to be suede skirts and lace-up tops, with the skirts falling out particularly quickly.
This report makes it exceedingly easy to keep on top of current trends, even for someone who almost never follows “trends”. It’s a breeze to read, and with photos included, it makes an incredibly useful compendium of the fashion world at large.
View the entire Google Fashion Trend Report here!

Photos: Featured 1, Featured 2, Featured 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18 , 19



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