Oversized Clothing Myths Dispelled

denim jackets

For those of us that are too lazy to look for our size or hate the feeling of clothes clinging to our bodies, oversized clothing is a gift sent from heaven. Occasionally termed “boyfriend clothing”, oversized apparel is comfortable, easy to find, and has been highly incorporated in street style and editorial fashion. It has especially been popularized by celebrities like Rihanna and brands like Zara, Stella McCartney, and Yeezy.

Of course, like any fashion trend,  acceptance doesn’t come without cynicism, if not straight-up criticism. A strong advocate of oversized clothing, I still find myself grappling with plausible reasons to ditch oversized clothing for regular clothing. Here are some oversized clothing myths you might consider – and why you should squash them.

1. “Bigger girls can’t pull off oversized clothing.”

Says who? Even though oversized clothing is largely geared towards smaller women, this doesn’t mean plus size women can’t embrace the trend. While plus size fashion often aims to highlight the “curves” of its buyers through figure-hugging apparel, it would be wrong to deprive women of the freedom to wear loose-fitting apparel. Blogger Callie Thorpe  of From the Corners of the Curve (pictured below) proves that oversized plus size fashion exists and looks good too. Check out ASOS Curve for oversized jumpsuits, shift dresses, and tops for plus size women.

callie thorpe jumpsuit

ASOS Curve Oversized Minimal Cami Jumpsuit, $45.50

asos curve jumpsuit black

2. “Oversized clothing isn’t sexy.”

In the age of Instagram “baddie culture”, it’s easy to believe that only tight-fitting clothing is capable of making a woman look sexy. However, as we can see by the Bardot tops that quickly became a summer trend, clothing doesn’t have to look painted on for a woman to look sexy. Wearing clothes with contrasting lengths or experimenting with cutouts is a great way to feel comfy and still look sexy. You can never go wrong with an oversized knit sweater and thigh-high boots, or an oversized tartan shirt with platform booties.

oversized plaid shirt

H & M Long Shirt, $14.99

long shirt

3. “Oversized clothing just looks ill-fitting and sloppy.”

Oversized clothing only looks sloppy if you haven’t been introduced to an important nine-letter word: tailoring. Oversized clothing, by name, isn’t meant to fit properly, but if it is well-tailored, has the illusion that it does. Oversized blazers, longline vests, and culottes are just some examples of oversized clothing that will look clean-cut despite their size, simply because they are tailored well. On the other hand, denim jackets and bomber jackets may not have the sharpest tailoring, but are still perfect for fall layering when bought a few sizes bigger.

culottes black girl pic

Zara Culottes, $35.90

zara culottes

4. “Why spend money on clothing that’s not your size?”

Unlike most clothing trends, the oversized clothing trend doesn’t require overspending. In fact, oversized clothing is perfect for shoppers on a budget. Thrift shops are havens for oversized clothing, with stores like Housing Works carrying oversized jeans, jumpsuits, jackets, and tees for twenty dollars or less. Additionally, many oversized pieces are versatile and provide a lot more wear than snug-fitting clothing. One oversized graphic tee can be paired with high-waisted jeans, shorts, skirts, or a shift dress – five different outfits for barely the price of one. You can still be a smart shopper when shopping outside your size.

housing works

Housing Works Thrift Shop, New York City (See Other Locations)

5. “Oversized clothing makes you look like a child.”

When you’re wearing baggy overalls that resemble the pair your mom swore by in elementary school, it’s pretty easy to think you look like a child. However, just because you aren’t wearing something that accentuates your breasts, butt, or hips doesn’t mean you instantly become a prepubescent child. Plus, with childhood staples like denim mini skirts and band tees having long infiltrated mainstream fashion, imitating childhood styles shouldn’t be seen as an insult at all.

overalls girl

American Rag Overalls, $39.99 

american rag overalls

Don’t let false assumptions hold you back from a better wardrobe this fall. Shopping a few sizes up may just be the key to your most stylish (and comfortable!) wardrobe yet.

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