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7 Questions We Still Have After Watching ‘Stranger Things’


Spoiler Alert: Don’t read this article if you haven’t finished the Netflix original Stranger Things.

After some urging from friends, I finally got around to watching and quickly finishing the Netflix original Stranger Things. Stranger Things is the story of paranormal activity after a young boy disappears in a small town. Although I’m not a horror person, I absolutely got sucked in and watched nearly the entire 8-episode season in one day. One of the cool things about the show is its 70s/80s horror/thriller movie influences as seen in this video here:

References to 70-80’s movies in Stranger Things from Ulysse Thevenon on Vimeo.

Even after finishing the show a few days ago, I’m still left with a lot of questions that I think many fans still have as well. Here are my seven questions after watching Stranger Things.

  1. Will there be #JusticeforBarb?

Barb’s short-lived run isn’t forgotten by any fans of Stranger Things. Instead, she’s become a fan favorite, sending up a rallying cry for justice for her untimely death. How unfair is it that Barb is snubbed by her best friend in favor of a boy and then subsequently killed by the monster in the Upside Down? And how unfair is it that Barb presumably died in a swimming pool and somehow Will survived? Why couldn’t they both have helped each other survive? While Barb may be gone, she surely won’t be forgotten. Show creators, The Duffer Brothers, tell us that Barb is, indeed, dead, but there will be justice for her.

  1. Is Hopper’s daughter in the Upside Down?

As another stunning display of how past trauma can follow us (Eleven’s recurrent flashbacks and reactions was one impactful display), the story of Hopper’s daughter is revealed to us in the season finale. Presumably, his daughter died of terminal illness and shortly thereafter Hopper turned to alcohol and his wife left him. However, as Hopper and Joyce traverse the Upside Down in search of Will, Hopper suspiciously finds his daughter’s stuffed animal in Will’s clubhouse. Could this stuffed animal just be a common toy that Will has, too? Or, as was already revealed with Will’s fake body, was Hopper’s daughter’s death staged? Was she kidnapped by Hawkins Lab, too? Is Sarah in the Upside Down?

  1. Where are the other ten children?

Eleven has her namesake tattooed on her arm and while you don’t see other children in her flashbacks, her numbering does lead to speculation that there are more. After all, Eleven’s mother was part of a sect that underwent these drug tests in order to achieve the powers Eleven has. Perhaps there are more children we haven’t seen yet (and maybe one IS Hopper’s daughter).

  1. Why is Steve even a plot?

If you like Parks and Recreation you may be like me and can’t unsee Steve as Jean-Ralphio. But, seriously though. I understand the desire for a bad boy/good girl love triangle plot, but Steve has got to go. We don’t have time for his slut-shaming and camera-smashing ways, even if he does appear to have a change of heart in the end. I have to admit that I was a bit disappointed that Nancy wasn’t the one to fight him after he allowed his friends to shame her all over town and even more disappointed when he later played the hero when Nancy and Jonathan are nearly overcome by the Demogorgon. If we must have a romance, Nancy and Jonathan are my ship, though I assume that love triangle will continue next season in order to muster up some typical teenage drama.

  1. What other monsters are in the Upside Down?

The Demogorgon can’t be the only monster in that place. What came out of that egg Hopper spied in the Upside Down and what has Will been casually throwing up all this time? What was in Barb’s mouth? There has to be something else and if Will seems to still be a part of the Upside Down we’re bound to find out sometime soon.

  1. Okay, but Dr. Brenner and Eleven aren’t really dead, right?

Dr. Brenner can’t just die like that and I’d be shocked if Hopper wasn’t leaving those Eggo waffles for Eleven. Besides, we never explicitly saw Brenner die and Eleven disappeared. So, does that mean they were dragged into the Upside Down? Does Hopper know? He did get in that car with those creepy government guys…

  1. Is everyone in this town just okay now?

It’s been a month since all of that went down and yet everyone appears just dandy on Christmas with the boys even playing the same exact game they played on the night of Will’s disappearance. Please tell me they’ve been helping each other through their experiences and Will hasn’t completely been hiding his weird vomiting episodes. Besides, Mike and Nancy’s mother spent the entire season essentially yelling at her children that they can tell her anything. I only hope they took advantage of that.

But, until next season, we’re still in the dark.

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