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Opinion: My School Isn’t Racist, But You Are

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Nobody knows where or what my school is. Even the pilots on my tiny plane pronounce my school’s hometown as BingHAMton, emphasis on the ham.

It was the first day of classes and I was sitting in the student union, chatting with my friends about their summer. I was scrolling through Facebook when I noticed my school, Binghamton University, was trending on Facebook. I found this rather odd because nobody cares about Binghamton, why was it trending?

I clicked on it and found that Binghamton University was facing backlash over naming a diversity course #StopWhitePeople2k16.

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 7.18.35 PM.png

The course, which was optional, was part of RA training to teach the RA’s about diversity. Well our school’s conservative magazine, The Binghamton Review, posted about this course.

I have never seen such backlash.

Alumni, students, and strangers were attacking the university, giving them low reviews, and threatening to stop their alumni donations.

See their comments here, here, here, here and here. 

Warning: Some of the above comments on the Binghamton University Facebook page contain foul language.

First of all, ouch. These comments are brutal. NEVER did I feel I went to a racist school. Guess what world, I am a white person. Maybe other minorities felt injustices on campus and have voiced their concerns. The school listened to them and does what they can when people are reasonable.

Now, as a white person, I am not offended by this at all. Why would I? It’s ridiculous. I am really glad that my school has a course on diversity. RA’s are huge leaders on campus and should be aware of the social injustices that other students may face.

Also, a lot of white people don’t understand racial injustices because they don’t experience them. If any of these people attacking my school read beyond the hashtag, they would realize that part of the program was how to handle people who are very set in their beliefs that there are no diversity problems.

Thus, stop white people who don’t face racial inequality from ignoring the issues at hand.

Also, people forget that the hashtag #stopwhitepeople has existed for awhile.

This tweet was from 2013. Where was all the backlash for this? There are multiple accounts that poked fun of white people using, you guessed it, #stopwhitepeople.

So why are we now getting mad? Because everyone gets offended by everything. I could say the sky was blue and someone would get offended.

Seeing how Alumni are being harsh to the school that gave them their degree is really upsetting. They would be nowhere today if it weren’t for the education they received from Binghamton. So why betray the school that helped you get where you are, supported you through all of those tough classes, and provided constant events so you could have the real college experience?

I am ashamed that our Alumni are turning on our school. Binghamton is family. When your racist grandpa makes a racist statement, you don’t tell him to go die and you hope nobody pays for any of his medical care. You accept him as your racist grandpa because he is family.

For four or more years, Binghamton was our home. Should they have made a better name? Of course. But the damage is done.

My school is not racist.


A white student

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2 thoughts on “Opinion: My School Isn’t Racist, But You Are

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  2. Schools are not people, and they’re certainly not family members.

    I personally hope my elementary school gets shut down (which is a distinct possibility, because it’s a small town school). I don’t owe them any loyalty. Yes, they taught me to read, but my parents or any other school could have done the same. And they could have done it without teaching me that God hates me, math is never fun and my body is bad. I will probably be trying to unlearn those lessons and more for the rest of my life. So don’t tell people that they should be loyal to the school they went to.

    I’m not sure you should even be loyal to family. I certainly wouldn’t wish death on anyone, family or no. But if I have to, I will cut family members out of my life. My parents did it for me, cutting off contact with several sexually abusive family members to protect their little girl. I’m very lucky they didn’t feel like they had to be ‘loyal’ to sex offenders just because they were family.


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