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90s Fashion: A Comeback

Fashion in the nineties was distinctive. That grungy, “cool girl” effortless vibe was born in the Pacific Northwest and spread everywhere, from magazines to the red carpet, from the screen to the streets. The past few years have proved that a nineties grunge fashion revival is in full force. Some of our favorite looks are back and better than ever. Here’s a look at the iconic trends from the past that have made a huge comeback.
1. Grungy Makeup


One overarching theme for makeup looks in the nineties was an undone appearance. A style called “heroin chic” ran rampant, with models’ waifish shapes and second-day makeup splashed across magazine covers. Bare skin, a diffused eye, and a brown or dark lip were commonplace, and these trends are certainly back in full force. Today, however, that soft eye and bold lip are more often paired with a flawless complexion, a structured brow, and a sharp eye line.

2. Chokers


These stylized necklaces were all the rage two decades ago, especially the “tattoo” variety. Now they can be seen everywhere, even on the red carpet and runway. Chokers make a bold statement with any outfit, and many celebrities are using this to their advantage. The fuss-free accessory is an easy way to give your outfit something extra while keeping your look laid back.

3. Flannels


Whether worn with rolled up sleeves or tied around the waist, flannels add a casual flair to an ensemble. A definitive staple of the nineties grunge scene, they were worn by both men and women. Flannels come in all shades, so it’s an easy way to give an outfit a pop of color, and the softer the material the better. When paired with a boyfriend jean, you can be comfy-casual but with a little black dress, you can be ready for a night out. They can also be worn multiple ways, which makes them great for switching it up while you’re out and about. This makes them an incredibly versatile basic that has its place in every wardrobe.

4. Doc Martens


Although many see them as just work boots, these classic kicks are more than just sensible. Their sturdiness makes them great shoes, but their style gives your outfit an edge. Their popularity has only grown over the years. These boots require a bit of commitment to break them in, but once you do, they’re snugly molded to your feet, and you couldn’t find a more comfortable set of shoes. Traditionally made of leather, the company also makes a line of identical vegan options, for the eco-friendly fashionista in all of us.

5. Tousled Hair


Slept-on hair and undone updos are all the rage lately, with beachy waves, blunt cuts, and deconstructed hair buns taking the spotlight. These styles all rely on texture for interest, with fly aways and fallen curls adding an extra dimension to your look. When paired with the makeup mentioned above, it gives people the “effortless” look, like they really did just “wake up like this”

The nineties grunge aesthetic is certainly back in full force, and although it seems to have a firm grip on the fashion world, who knows what could take hold next? The fashion world is constantly changing, but for right now, it’s safe to say that the cool, laidback look is on top. It’s an easy look that’s youthful and carefree, with an emphasis on self-expression, so be sure to remember that! Make the style your own, and remember to have fun with it.


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