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Comedians to Watch This Election Season

Ah, election season. This election season has been a disaster. On one hand we have the first female candidate running for president in a major party. Then, on the other hand, is the train wreck Oompa Loompa, Donald Trump.

Luckily for us, comedy is at its peak during political seasons. Comedians dig in on the political candidates, their supporters, and the general ridiculousness of this election season. Here are the best comedians to watch this political season:

  1. John Oliver

John Oliver is the second best thing to come to the United States from England (the first being Tom Hiddleston, of course). John Oliver talks about the issues that people like to ignore. He brings up so many valid points that you will be like this the whole time:


(Side Note: Always be like Meryl Streep. She’s the queen. Sorry Beyonce)

John Oliver gives his commentary in such a sharp and quick-witted way, something we haven’t seen in awhile. You can watch all of his beautiful political rants on his YouTube channel since I doubt many college students, like myself, can afford HBO.

2. Samantha Bee 

I just recently discovered Samantha Bee, and I am SO glad I did. It is nice to see a female comedian break the late nite comedian sausage club. Her segments are so funny and she has an awesome team who goes out as real news reporters and exposes the ridiculousness of people who say the opposite of what they have been campaigning for (i.e. the video above). Seriously, they don’t even trick people. Samantha Bee airs on Monday’s at 10:30 on TBS.


3. Jimmy Fallon

Just watch Jimmy Fallon for his Donald Trump impressions. You’ll thank me. Also, he features politicians on his show and does great skits with them (like Obama). Watching politicians poking fun at themselves is always an enjoyable experience.


4. Seth Myers

I loved Seth Myers on SNL. Once he got his own late night show I have to admit, I wasn’t in love with it. I found that he just wasn’t as good as his late night counterparts. Then political season came and everything I loved about Seth Myers came rushing back to me. He is hilarious and has that great sense of humor he showed on SNL. In my opinion, this election season brought back Seth Myers’ voice. Like John Oliver, he brings up the things not many will. He truly tells it like it is.


5. SNL

So SNL isn’t exactly a specific comedian, but their political sketches are gold. My favorite happens to be when Tina Fey returned to be vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin. Amy Poehler was a great Hillary Clinton, but Kate McKinnon also does a fantastic job as the presidential nominee. The cast also does amazing impressions of Donald Trump and President Obama. SNL doesn’t return until the fall, but I have a feeling it is going to be huuuuuge.


This election season is basically a horror film come to life (Purge Election Year, anyone?). I honestly fear for the well-being of this country. At least we have these amazing comedians to help us loosen up a bit and laugh at the ridiculousness of this election season.


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