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Dear Bernie or Bust People: Bust


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Dear Bernie or Bust People,


Look, I get it. It really sucks to not have the candidate you are passionate about win. By no means is Hillary Clinton the perfect candidate and this election, for lack of better term, sucks. We have to basically choose the lesser of two evils.

A world where Donald Trump is president is a world I don’t want to even imagine. Four years of Clinton would be far less damaging than a year with Trump as our president.

Bernie lost. Yes, I realize there is that whole DNC email scandal, but here’s the thing: the people voted. It doesn’t matter what the DNC did, it matters how the people voted. Hate to break it to you, but not as many people voted for Bernie as they did Hillary.

If you keep campaigning for Bernie, vote for a third party candidate, or write Bernie in, you are splitting the democratic vote. Want to  know when that last happened? Bush became president. We all know how well that presidency went. Here is how the votes were spread out at the beginning of this week:


See that? That’s Trump winning. 12% of the vote is going to these small parties who literally have no chance of winning. If those votes went to Clinton, then she would have a bigger lead on Trump.

Let’s take a look at who was primarily voting for Bernie: millennials.

I am a millennial, but like every cliche, I hate my generation. We feel so entitled to everything and throw a fit when we don’t get our way. That is exactly what is happening now. Millennials who support Bernie are mad that they didn’t get their candidate who promised them all these grand things, so they decide to throw a national hissy fit.

Bernie Supporters decided to stage a walkout during the DNC.

“Show me what Democracy looks like. “This is what democracy looks like.” A woman commented on the walkout by saying “They just signed the whole nomination over to Trump.” The goal was to occupy the media tent at the DNC since many Bernie supporters felt Bernie did not get proper media coverage, thus that is one of the reasons he lost.

Seriously, get over it.

You didn’t get your way and somehow the world is still turning.

So please, this election, don’t be stupid. Stop advocating for a candidate who no longer has a chance. You will split the vote and Trump will win.

Get over yourselves and vote for the candidate who isn’t proposing to build a wall or create laws that will effect everyone but white males.

I am just going to refer you to this video of comedian Seth Myers who hits the nail on the head:

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