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Happy Birthday From Our Staff!


We celebrated VocaLady Magazine’s 1st birthday on June 19th. Hear from the staff what they love about our magazine!

I love the freshness and the new perspective every piece of content on this site has. When aiding staff members through their writing, I always encourage them to take a perspective no one else has and consider what others haven’t. And that’s what you get.

-Chelsea Cirruzzo

My favorite part about being on the staff is the ability to express myself and my views in a supportive environment. The girls at VocaLady are not only my fellow staff, but my friends.

-Alexes Ciardi

My favorite part of being on VocaLady is it allows me to have a place to write about things that are important to me. VocaLady has helped me so much. I am now a stronger writer and am so much more aware of social issues. I know I wouldn’t be where I am today without VocaLady. The staff is also amazing. I love being able to work with such a strong, smart, and beautiful group of people. Happy Birthday, VocaLady. I cannot wait to see what you have in store for us next year!

-Delaney Ratzky

My favorite part about being on staff is how encouraged we are to explore various issues and speak out about social injustice. I’ve been a part of other online magazines before where I had trouble getting my more critical articles published. While a part of VocaLady, my articles get published and I’m pushed to explore deeper into the issues. Not only that, but the rest of the staff is so supportive. If I have an article idea, I know the others will contribute their own experiences and help me bounce off ideas.

-Magdalene Bedi

My favorite part about VocaLady’s staff is the enthusiasm. Everyone’s truly passionate about the issues they’re writing about and are extremely supportive of one another. It feels like a group endeavor in the best way possible.

-Trisha Kelly

My favorite part about VocaLady’s staff is the absolute passion for writing. I have not met most of my fellow staff in person, but I feel so close to them just by reading their work and understanding the issues they take seriously enough to write about them. Even when I’m writing a piece that is particularly hard for me to come to terms with, whether it be the criticisms I know it’ll garner or the personal stress it causes me, I have such an amazing staff of beautiful and kind individuals behind me to support me and my causes. It’s a give-and-take relationship between all of us, and I really need to thank that for all and any success I’ve had with VocaLady Magazine.

– Rachel Levy

My favorite part about VocaLady‘s staff is that all of our writers incorporate their experiences into their writing. I’ve always respected how willing our staff is to share personal experiences or even insecurities for the sake of connecting to our audience. I enjoy reading the work of fellow staff writers because I know that I’m not just going to get a unique perspective on an important topic, but that I’m most likely going to learn something about the writer as well. Even though are staff are from different regions and of different ages, there is a sense of openness among us that I find really unique.

– Mycah Hazel

(Editor’s Note: We’re still hiring!)

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