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Opinion: Something Needs to be Done to Stop Gun Violence


I am angry. I am upset. I am scared.

This world is scary. There is so much gun violence, but nothing is being done because people are so into their political beliefs.

What will it take to change something?

The 143 school shootings since 2013 hasn’t done anything. 

The San Bernardino attack hasn’t done anything.

The fact that about 62 kids each year die from accidental gunshots hasn’t done anything.

In one weekend, a singer was killed at her concert and at least 53 people died in a club in Orlando.

When will this violence stop? Why isn’t anyone doing anything?

When President Obama came out crying because he was so frustrated and upset at what our country has come to, Republicans criticized him and said it was all for show.

I don’t know the answer on what can be done. I don’t think anyone does for sure. There just needs to be steps to control who gets these weapons. It isn’t the guns that are dangerous, it is the people behind them pulling the trigger.

The killer in the Orlando attack was on the FBI watch list. Yet, he could easily gain access to weapons.

A teenager invented a technology that detects the owner’s fingerprints, then unlocks the gun. Why can’t this be implemented? Do you know how many kids lives would be saved since they wouldn’t have access to the gun?

A video recently posted that it only took the person 38 minutes to buy an AR-15.  Just 38 minutes? And this was considered long. In 38 minutes how are you supposed to check out a person’s background, mental health, and knowledge of guns. You can’t. That is why it is so easy to get a gun in America. There needs to be a longer process and ways to test so see if the person buying the gun is mentally capable, is a responsible gun owner, and will not use it for any harm. Of course that person could lie, but further measures can still prevent tragedy.

We can no longer feel safe at work, school, even concerts or clubs. These places are where we go to be ourselves. We go to these places make ourselves better. Now we have to be careful, always have one eye opened. You never know what is going to happen.

I hope one day we can live in a world without fear. A world of love and acceptance. That won’t be able to happen until we fight to make sure these weapons are not getting into the wrong people’s hands. This shouldn’t be a political issue. This should be a common sense issue. Because apparently the thousands of people who have died because of the person behind the gun isn’t enough to change anything.

We are the generation who are constantly complaining about how awful this world is and something needs to change. We are social activists. We want to live in a peaceful world. But what are we doing to make the world a better place? We need to stop talking about what we want changed in this world and start making change. We are becoming the leaders of the world. Let’s write our congressmen asking for gun regulation. Let’s work to make sure these guns are not getting in the wrong hands. Because just praying or hoping something will happen doesn’t do anything.

Please, let’s end the violence. Spread love, not hate.

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