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Capsule Wardrobes (And Why They’re Amazing)


Do you spend hundreds of dollars on the newest trendy clothes only to later feel like you have nothing to wear (even though your closest is literally overflowing)? Are you aiming to have a more productive, easy, and minimalistic lifestyle? Whether you’re looking to cross fashion off of the long list of things that you need to worry about, are feeling overwhelmed by all of the crazy, short-lived trends, or just want to look stylish on a budget, the answer is simple: start a capsule wardrobe!



What in the world is a capsule wardrobe?

There are a variety of definitions but capsule wardrobes can be defined as sticking with the very basics. By “basics” I mean clothing pieces that serve as a foundation for your outfits rather than a center point. These pieces can be incorporated in a variety of ways.

Examples of basics would include:

  • A black, grey, or white tee
  • Button-up shirts, flannel shirts
  • Black pants, leggings, jeans, basic shorts
  • Denim jacket, leather jacket
  • Ankle boots, sneakers, flats, sandals

These are the building blocks for outfits and your capsule wardrobe. Basics never go out of style like trends do. They are classic pieces. The reason why some of you feel like you don’t have anything to wear even though you buy so many clothes is because you buy too many statement pieces that can only be worn with certain outfits. Statement pieces are stand alone clothing items that are supposed to be the main focal point of an outfit. Most statement pieces come out of trends which are almost never long lasting. Having a closet full of statement pieces is very limiting and doesn’t give you your money’s worth. Statement pieces can be very fun and hard to resist on the rack because it feels like you’ll never see them again but the best thing to do is buy as few as possible unless you think that you can incorporate the pieces in a variety of outfits.


How exactly do you build a capsule wardrobe?

It’s extremely simple. Rummage through all of your clothes and find the basics that I was talking about earlier. While you’re looking for the basics, look for the clothes that you know you wear all the time. Separate these clothes from the clothes that you barely touch. They’re only taking up space. Donate or pack away the clothes that you never wear.

A lot of you will find that you have very few basic pieces. If that’s the case, you may need to go out shopping again. It sounds very counterproductive, but you’ll being investing in more outfit variety and saving yourself from future costs. Basic pieces also tend to be cheaper and widely available.

As to what basics to choose from, it’s really all up to you and your lifestyle. As a twenty year old college student living in Southern California, my capsule wardrobe would consist of a lot of casual pieces to match my lifestyle and the weather of my location. If you work in a professional setting or live an area with a colder/warmer climate, your capsule wardrobes would vary. Of course, personality and personal style play a huge role in your decisions as well. If you’re looking for ideas on where to start, a quick Google search of capsule wardrobes would give you hundreds of examples like these:





The minimalist aspect of a capsule wardrobe can be applied to your shoes, makeup, and even accessories. Get rid of all of the unnecessarily clutter and only keep what you actually use and need. It is definitely worth a try to make life a little easier and faster, or just try for fun!

Good Luck!


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7 thoughts on “Capsule Wardrobes (And Why They’re Amazing)

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  6. Wow!! amazing and helpful blog post! I am starting a capsule wardrobe right now! your blog is gorgoeus 😉 I followed and can’t wait to read more !


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