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The Narrative Project: Survivor Narratives

narrative project

The Narrative Project is a new project by the VocaLady staff intended to put the narrative back in the hands of its original owner. In response to any relevant and recent news story that contains controversy, highlights various voices or interests us, we will be inviting our readers to contribute to our project, to share their stories, in a space where they will be validated and feel safe. We will then publish these stories, unedited except for grammar and spelling. We hope that this project will allow the power of narrative to flourish, untouched and frees, and simply be appreciated by others. We hope these stories will inspire others to raise their voices and share own their own stories.

Buzzfeed recently published a powerful letter, written by a sexual assault survivor. This letter was read to her attacker after he received a light sentence of six months as the judge believed a longer sentence would have a “severe impact” on him, as an aspiring Olympic swimmer. Oftentimes, the profound impact on the victims of these attackers is ignored in favor of the attackers themselves. In Steubenville, when football players attacked (and took photos of) a young girl, their records as football players were thrust into the limelight, suggesting that they shouldn’t be in trouble due to their impressive football records. Again and again, people try to remind survivors, their friends and family, and the media that these attackers were “such good people,” or “they made a mistake.” It’s time to put the narrative back in the hands of the survivor and let them talk about the impact their assault has had on them. 

If you are a survivor of sexual violence, and you feel comfortable sharing, we invite you to share the impact in this form here. Use as much or as little detail as you’d like. This can be anonymous or not. Your entry will only be edited for grammar and spelling. We will compile your entry into an article to be shared with our readers in order to help re-shape the existing narrative. We thank you for your contribution and please direct any questions or comments to

This form will be open until Sunday, June 12. 


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