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7 Things We Miss From High School


Missing high school. It sounds crazy – surely you’re glad you’re free from that routine 8-hour day, trapped doing algebra and learning similes and dozing through history class? Yet there were certainly a handful of things we took for granted, rolling your eyes at adults who told you you’d miss it when you were gone and out in ‘the real world’. Sure, we might not be there quite yet, but the concept of being proper, functioning adults is closer than ever. Even if high school wasn’t all rainbows and sunshine, when college comes around you may find yourself missing a few sweet moments like these from your past. Or, if you’ve just graduated, remember to savour the best moments!

Seeing your friends every day.
Having friends in home room, classes, or the ones you sat down at lunch with were probably the highlight of any high school experience, and getting to see them 5 days a week with no awkward clashes, 10-minute-conversations between classes, or trying to find them in a massive lecture theatre that seats 400+ kids was a blessing! You all started and finished at the same time (and had the same lunch breaks), so organising when to hang out and spend time with each other was so much easier than it is in college when trying to navigate around trips home, work hours, timetable clashes and assignment due dates.


Campus wasn’t miles away from home.
Whether you’re near or far, on campus or at home, in dormitories or living with your parents, the location of your college can often be a burden. If you’re living in dorms, you’re more often than not away from family, friends and home. If you’re at home, the journey into campus can take forever (and cost a lot). The beauty of high school being local enough to be a 10 minute walk away is definitely something I miss from high school, especially when I have 8am lecturers and the bus takes an hour and a half!


Taking a sick day was easier.
It was a lot easier to catch up on work taking a sick day in high school. You didn’t miss 8 lectures, 4 assignments and 3 hand outs if you were feeling ill and decided to take a day off. Also, sick days were a safe haven – if you’re sick in college, good luck finding a bench or couch that a) isn’t taken and b) is comfortable enough to lie down on. If you needed a nap: sick day. If you needed painkillers: sick day. Sore throat? Sick day. Vomiting? Sick day. Cramps? Sick day. No needing to book an appointment at the campus clinic yourself, and the school nurses were all so lovely too!


Getting your parents to call in for you.
Got a problem with a useless professor? Tutors being rude? Setting ridiculous deadlines? It’s amazing what the power of parents could do to make high school teachers quiver in their boots. In college, however, you have to be the parent. Being treated as an adult by your teachers means that you are responsible for everything you do whilst at college, and a phone call from a parent isn’t valid anymore. Putting on your big-girl pants and standing up for yourself may seem daunting, but if it’s going to better you and your peers’ education then don’t be afraid! Your tutors might be a lot more sympathetic than you think, and a lot of them really value feedback from their students on how they can better their teaching and your learning experiences.


Having the ‘I’m still a kid!’ excuse.
The beauty of still being in high school is that, although it might not seem like it, there are a lot less expectations being put on you in terms of your future. Sure, there are decisions like what college you might be going to (or whether or not college is right for you), what degree to study, what to major in, etc., but the beauty of your youth means not everything has to be set in stone for you. Once you finish high school, a whole new journey that you can pave for yourself begins – and coming to the end of it and entering the big wide world is terrifying! Savour your youth, kids, and the ‘teen’ and the end of your age!


No giant gaps between lectures and classes.
3 hour gaps might seem awesome (perfect time to study, watch movies, or catch up with friends) at first, but if you’ve got nothing to do to fill in that time or quickly run out of television episodes to watch, they can drag on far too long. Having had a 6 hour gap in one semester, I quickly learnt to bring tech chargers, make lists of movies I wanted to watch, or even alternate each week between the morning class and the afternoon lecture. Ten minutes between classes in high school seem bliss!


The most exciting time of year, whether you loved or loathed high school. Graduating is a huge accomplishment that you should be proud of! Celebrate with family and friends and remember to look back on all your good memories from high school as well as look ahead to your amazing future ahead of you. You get that diploma, girl!

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