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How to Have the Most Blogtastic Summer of Your Life

Summer vacation is here! This means endless nights, food, and Netflix. However, summer also means endless distractions from blogging – as if school hadn’t been distracting enough. Nevertheless, a daily dosage of determination and discipline can turn summer into prime blogging season. Here are some tips to help you keep your blog active – and thriving – in the season of laziness.

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1) Move your blogging space outside the home.

Though blogging, like many other careers, requires a great deal of time, thought, and discipline, it’s one of the few careers that doesn’t require a desk. A great way to combine productivity and leisure is to move your workspace outside the home. Of course, this doesn’t mean dragging your laptop with you on a night out. Find somewhere that makes you want to write, whether it’s that cute library downtown, a coffee shop, or a park. Not only are you putting yourself in a situation where you’re bound to get work done – since, after all, places do have operating hours – but you’re not putting yourself on house arrest to do so. Also, no need to fear your laptop getting stolen. It’s always stimulating to revert to pen and paper if need be.

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2) Use your experiences to spark your creativity. 

This may seem like writing advice for any situation, but in the summer, it’s crucial. Of course, you’ll want to go out in the summer, whether it’s to hang out with friends or get money through a job/internship. The key to great summer blogging is to turn these alleged “distractions” into material. Whether you spilled Café Bustelo on your blazer on the way to work or spilled beer on your crush at a backyard hangout, use your experiences to your advantage. Being a blogger isn’t about choosing a topic to write about out of the blue. It’s about drawing on your life experiences in the hopes of making someone else’s life a little bit easier. By making articles out of your adventures, you can remain in writer’s mode while still achieving your summer goals.

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3). READ, honey.  

During the school year, it’s pretty easy to find your reading list dictated by your syllabus. Take this summer to re-conquer your bookshelf. Find new authors or even new tastes. You can even turn what you read into blogging material. Make a summer reading club or write biweekly book reviews. Websites like Goodreads are great places to find what people are reading and enjoying. Download iBooks on your phone, invest in a Kindle or Nook, head to the nearest bookstore, or wipe the dust off of your library card to secure your next read.

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4) Set yourself a schedule.

Having to set aside time for anything over the summer is annoying, but you’ll find yourself even more annoyed when you’re backed up on articles or site updates and find yourself pulling an all-nighter as if you were back in school. Your blog won’t feel as demanding if you set aside a specific time/day for it. If you update your blog weekly, set aside a few days/times each week (or a single 24-hour slot) to devote to your blog. If you update your blog daily (kudos to you, by the way), set aside a specific time each day. Remember to choose a time when you’re sure that you’ll be productive – don’t fool yourself. Soon enough, your blog will become an unquestionable aspect of your daily/weekly summer routine, as it should be.

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5) Set goals. 

You’re more likely to devote time to your blog if you have an end goal. Whether it’s upping your likes on social media, exposing your blog to notable figures/organizations, or covering certain topics/events, these goals will make you blog with a purpose, which is the best and only way you should be blogging anyway. Also, make sure to keep these goals visible! Store them in the “Notes” section of your phone or write them down and pin them above your bed. The more you see them, the higher chance you have of achieving them.

Use your summer to your advantage this year. Summer is a great time to build your brand and your blogging skills. You got this. 

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