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Amazing Female Superheroes You Should Know

It’s time to talk about female superheroes!

The superhero scene has been dominated by males since its conception, but now things are changing to the point where males and females both have time to shine. Things are far from equal but progress is being made. Here are some amazing women in comic books that should be acknowledged:

Kamala Khan


Kamala Khan is Marvel’s first Muslim character to be the lead in her own series. To top that off, she’s a teenage girl! Kamala is a character we didn’t know we needed. Comic books often lack diversity. Having a Pakistani girl as the lead brings more representation to the comic book scene and shows that anyone can be a superhero. Kamala is special because she is not only a superhero; she is religious. There’s nothing wrong with being religious and she helps show that. She has her morals and stays true to herself while saving the day on the side.

America Chavez


Don’t mess with Miss America! She could easily knock your teeth out with one punch. America Chavez, a.k.a. Miss America, is a strong, independent woman. Why is she so great? She allows for Latina and LGBTQ+ representation. America is a Latina from the Utopia Parallel, in which she was raised by her two mothers, Mrs. and Mrs. Chavez (red and blue). America also identifies as a lesbian, despite having openly experimented with Ultimate Nullifier. Her character design shows that she has darker skin and amazingly curly hair (curly hair representation FTW!). On top of that, she has a sturdier build – broad shoulders, strong legs – and she walks with confidence.

Diana Prince


You can’t talk about powerful superheroes without talking about this Amazon warrior princess! Diana Prince is none other than Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman is the epitome of a strong and independent woman. She comes from the island of Themyscira, an island of warriors where she was raised as the princess, daughter of Queen Hippolyta. Princess Diana is a strong woman who doesn’t need to depend on a man. When she eventually joined the Justice League, it’s easy to say that she became probably the strongest — excluding Superman. Putting aside the fact that he could easily punch every Justice League member through time, everyone knows his weakness (hint: it’s a rock). Diana, has no know weaknesses, which makes her the strongest member of the Justice League.

Doreen Green


Not everyone is aware that this character exists, or at the very least, they pretend she doesn’t exist. Doreen Green is the possibly infamous Squirrel Girl and is ironically powerful. It’s ironic in the sense that people expect her to weak, like anyone else who has some affinity for animals. That doesn’t seem to be the case with Doreen. She was born a mutant and by the age of 14, decided to devote her powers to crime-fighting — and becoming Iron Man’s sidekick. In order to prove her worth, she defeated Doctor Doom with the help of her squirrels. Even though she accomplished an amazing feat, Iron Man declined her request to become his sidekick. Doreen is an important character because she never gives up. She takes advantage of her mutation and the fact that others underestimate her abilities. She shows that anyone is capable of being strong.

Being a strong superhero is not dependent on gender. These four women are not just strong for being women; they’re strong on every level. They’re strong because that’s who they are. They show that everyone can be strong and amazing just like them.

So, who’s your favorite superhero?

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