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The Benefits of Online Blogging


When I first joined VocaLady, I was just looking to write an article here and there on topical issues. I consider myself to be a good writer, and I wanted to be able to put that to use. So, I drafted a few article ideas, applied, and joined the staff. I had no idea how truly beneficial to me this would be.

Blogging, although it started as online journaling, has evolved. Now you can even be paid to be a professional blogger.


Of course, being a part of something like an online magazine can look stellar on a resume. It builds communication and writing skills, and also demonstrates your capacity for creativity. Creating a resume should not be the one and only reason that you create a blog, but it is something to keep in mind for further down the road. Communications and Business majors, I’m looking at you!

Skill Enhancement 

Although English is one of my stronger subjects, there is always room for improvement. My writing has greatly improved since joining the VocaLady team. Practicing your writing can make you a better writer- and as a blogger, you are not limited to any set prompt. You can choose the topics that relate to you.

Remember, you do not have to already be a good writer in order to start running a blog. A lot of successful bloggers state that they themselves are not talented writers. Blogging is for everybody. Don’t let anything scare you away!


Having an audience for your work can be a major self-esteem booster, especially for people who are shy and may express themselves better through writing.  Whatever your blog is about – from what you had for dinner to, well, women in communications – blogging is a powerful way to express yourself.

Helping Others

If you are like me, reaching out and making a difference in someone else’s life is pretty much the end goal of every single day. Blogging is a great way to do that. You can use your blog to support a cause, or to offer advice. Owning a blog is a good way to increase awareness about a cause you’re passionate about.

Form a Support Network

Blogging is a lot like keeping a diary, except in this case, your diary responds to you. People who read your blogs can offer you their support and advice. You can form friendships by regularly corresponding with your readers.

My fellow VocaLady writers have evolved from coworkers to friends since I joined in October. We offer each other advice, and sometimes have conversations that don’t relate to our magazine at all. I would say we’re close.

Blogging is a wonderful medium for writers. I’m glad to be a part of VocaLady every day. Starting a blog is easy today with free websites such as Bloggers no longer have to know HTML in order to be successful. With the increasingly noticeable benefits of blogging, it might be time to start running your own platform.

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