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10 Struggles of Having an Ancient Phone

Less than a year after the release of the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus (September 2015), Apple has announced the introduction of a new phone to their collection: the iPhone SE. Have I already set up a tent outside of T-Mobile? No. Have I already pre-ordered two iPhones (in case one gets lost in the mail)? No. Do I want the latest iPhone? Yes. And I am not ashamed to say this.

While it is easy to assume that most people purchase iPhones for the sole purpose of being “trendy,” it is just as easy to forget the numerous people who hold onto their old phones for as long as they can – and endure numerous First World struggles because of this. Here are some of the struggles I’ve encountered.

1. Having to delete half of your Contacts to save space. 

loneliness gif

2. Or, God forbid, having to delete your music.

tyler oakley 2

3. Having to ask yourself whether or not you really need the Facebook app. 

fourfiveseconds gif

4. Or having to watch your most important app crash when you need it the most. (R.I.P. GroupMe).

where are you now gif

5. When your phone keeps telling you to update your software but also says you have no space for an update. 

adam lambert gif

6. Being embarrassed to post pictures on Instagram because of your horrid camera quality.

terrible cam quality insta

7. Or having to awkwardly ask your friend with a better camera to take your picture.

amy poehler begging gif


8. Desperately trying to delete default apps. 

blair default apps gif

9. When your phone starts dropping calls or stops receiving them.

iphone drops calls gif

10. And lastly, when people with a newer phone model than you start complaining about their phone. 

angela bassett gif

New innovations are always appealing, but if you’ve gone through this entire list and can’t relate to a single struggle, maybe you should stick with the phone that you own. If you’ve checked off nearly every struggle on this list, then the time for change may have finally come, whether by purchasing the iPhone SE or a Samsung Galaxy. Remember, it pays to be a wise consumer!

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