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The Editor’s Blog: March

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For a lot of college students, it’s interview season for summer jobs and internships. This month, I believe I interviewed, in-person, over the phone, and over Skype, six different times for internships, jobs, and a scholarship. My spring break was barely a break as I had three interviews in a row, two phone interviews and one panel interview and I even missed class and a few social engagements with friends to accommodate for interviews. However, no matter how scary interviews are, all of them are learning experiences (something I actually blurted out to an interviewer at the conclusion of a phone interview). I have four main takeaways from these experiences that I’ll be keeping in mind in future interviews:

  • Always have questions at the conclusion of an interview. Having a question yourself shows your interest in your interviewer and the position. Some questions I found to be particularly successful were asking about the work environment at that particular workplace, inquiring about the kinds of skills past interns or employees have taken away from the position, as well as asking the interviewer how and why they got involved in their position.
  • Do your research. And I mean on everything about the position. A common interview question is: so, what do you know about us? or what do you know about this position? If you’re seeking a position in a communications department, make sure you check out the company’s social media as well! During one interview, I was able to discuss the company’s Facebook presence rather well, but when asked about the company’s Twitter, I stumbled. I hadn’t taken a look at the Twitter as in-depth as the Facebook. While a minor mistake like that won’t necessarily cost you the job, it’s always best to be prepared.
  • Listen to each question carefully and take a breath before answering each one. Trust me, it’ll clear your head and give you a moment to think about it.
  • Finally, always ask what the next step in the process is. When should you expect to hear back? This shows your furthered interest in the position as well as your eagerness in knowing what comes next.


spring clothing

We’ve made it to the end of March, meaning we’ve finally made it to spring! For most of us, that indicates that it’s time to add some color to our closets and some cutouts to our crop tops. Nevertheless, the ups and downs of spring weather can often lead us to see ups and downs in our fashion choices. Before you find yourself in a fashion frenzy next month, here are some tips to ensure a smooth transition to spring fashion.

  • Stretch the limits of your wardrobe.

Oftentimes, when the weather gets just the slightest bit warmer, we feel the need to unleash our summer wardrobe. However, oftentimes while the weather is warm, it’s certainly not warm enough for crop tops and Birkenstocks. Bring your winter wardrobe into the spring. Trendy winter clothing pieces such as the Adidas Originals sneakers, boyfriend/Mom jeans, or Chelsea boots can all follow you into the spring season.

  • Find a transitioning jacket.

I can’t count the amount of times this month I deliberately left my dorm without a jacket, only to find myself freezing by the end of the tonight. As exciting as it may be to get rid of our overly puffy winter jackets, this doesn’t mean we should go without a jacket completely. The bomber jacket is a great jacket for transitioning weather. Not only are most bomber jackets waterproof, but they’ll be sure to give you just the right amount of warmth you need for slightly cool weather. Not feeling the trend? A classic leather/pleather jacket would also suit just fine.

  • Tell humidity to back off.

french braids

The spring season is an exciting time of year, but can be frustrating if you hate frizz. Constant rain and humidity can turn a head of curly hair into an unintentional afro. One hairstyle that I’ve been seeing and loving is the simple dual French braid. Not only does this hairstyle work with a variety of hair textures, but, although it has been popular during the winter season, it is perfect for springtime!


I’m probably way late on this, but if you haven’t seen Creed (2015) already, watch it with friends during your next movie night! I saw it over spring break but I wish I saw it in theaters instead. Thanks to director Ryan Coogler and star Michael B. Jordan, this installment breathes new life into the Rocky franchise. Jordan plays Adophis Creed, son of boxer Apollo Creed, who seeks out Rocky Balboa (Sylvester Stallone), who fought his father in the ring, in order to ask him to be his trainer. Rocky agrees despite his reservations, and with his help, Don gets a shot at a major title. The film is a great blend of action, romance, and drama – it’s definitely deeper than your average action film. I particularly loved the relationship that develops between Don and Bianca (Tessa Thompson), a musician with gradual hearing loss. It’s available for rent now on most major streaming platforms. Check out the trailer!

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