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How to Pull a Successful All-Nighter

Although not recommended by any educational or medical professional, all-nighters are often necessary evils. There’s simply too little time in the day, and that midterm essay is simply too many pages. But urgency and necessity sometimes isn’t enough on its own to pull through, so here are a few tips in order to survive the grind.

1. Blast loud music

Blaring loud music in your ears is terrible for your health- but so is not sleeping. Loud, fast-paced music will keep you awake, engaged, and urgent. It’s even better if it’s music you can sing along to, assuming you don’t have a roommate who IS trying to sleep.

2013-08-23-hungergamesquotes232. Pace caffeine intake

Do not, under any circumstances, consume bulk caffeine all at once. That will make you sick faster than it will pull you through an all-nighter. Separate caffeine intake throughout the night- energy drink on hour four, caffeine pill on hour eight, coffee on hour twelve, etc. Plan ahead unless you have a 24-hour convenience store nearby by stocking up the day before.

anigif_enhanced-buzz-18654-1375440012-43. Keep moving

Even if you have terrible sleep hygiene and tends toward doing work in bed, don’t be tempted to lay down or rest your eyes. You will fall asleep, or you’ll at least be tempted to fall asleep. If you’re really feeling tired, take a walk. Go outside. Maybe plan to eat breakfast at a new restaurant in order to incentivize staying up.

tumblr_n05fg89ima1ql56ddo1_5004.  Take vitamins

This may seem silly, but at least make sure your vitamin C is up. You’re compromising your health and your immune system.


5Try shock therapy

Sometimes a little shock to your system can help you get over a rough patch. Popping in a sour candy or even taking a shot of apple cider vinegar can be the little shock you need to get over an increasing urge to sleep. Note: do not use anything that will actually physically shock you.


6. Sleep before and after

Consecutive all-nighters will not be conducive to work. They will begin to break down your body and sanity. Bookend a planned all-nighter with lots of sleep, and give yourself plenty of time to recover before trying another one. You cannot function without sleep.


While these tips won’t make all-nighters any fun, they’re conducive to a relatively successful 24+ day.

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