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7 Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow

Insta feed looking dull? Needing some new inspiration for your day? Tired of seeing the same old, same old? Here are seven up-and-coming Instagram accounts our thumbs can’t double-tap enough!


For the girl with wanderlust: @zoelaz

Globe-trotting, photographing, and doing it in style – 19-year-old Zoe Lazerson’s Instagram @zoelaz will give you a glimpse into her life that everyone envys. Full of gorgeous imagery, textures, colour and adventures, follow Zoe along on her next journey and double-tap away!


For the girl who loves design: @society6

The hub of all-things graphic design, @society6‘s instagram account highlights the best from upcoming and independent artists from around the world, showcasing photography, illustration, mixed media and digital designs printed onto shirts, mugs, laptop skins, home decor – even shower curtains. And best of all? You can buy these on their website, too!


For the girl with a killer wardrobe: @starstyle_com

Dying to know where your favourite celeb got their clothes from? Wondering what designer label all the stars are mad about this week? Look no further – @starstyle_com sources exact matches of clothing pieces worn by stars on the red carpet, on projects or shoots, at events, or just out-and-about in candids.


For the girl looking for the next ‘it’ model: @taylorlashae

Quirky, cool, and navigating herself around L.A. – @taylorlashae is living the good life. At a photo-shoot of some sort almost every day, Taylor keeps it raw and real in her alternative, selfie-infested instagram feed, pulling funny faces and photographing her day-to-day life through projects and selfies, all the while looking damn good doing it.


For the snap-happy girl: @quietthechaos

A feature account sourcing the next big photographers, @quietthechaos is run by three insta-experts constantly on the hunt for gorgeous photographs from upcoming, novice and established photographers. For an instant (pardon the pun) update to your home page, check out their gorgeous feed.


For the girl found with her nose in a book: @reagen.reads

If you love books and love pretty pictures, look no further! @reagen.reads turns the magic found on pages and the beauty of books into pieces of art, including reviews of current reads, Q&A’s for followers, comment discussion, and book commentary.


For the girl who lives the natural life: @helloglowblog

Formally known as Hello Natural, Hello Glow’s instagram account @helloglowblog is just as wonderful (and visually pleasing) as their website. Posting daily updates and photographs of all-natural, DIY, good-for-you skincare products, you’ll be wanting to make all of their scrumtious-looking ideas a reality for you and your friends in no time. Plus, who doesn’t love a bit of TLC every now and again?


Photo Credit: Feature Image



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