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Things That Seem to Matter in High School…But Really Don’t


High school is a big time during our lives. In our most formative years, we enter a school environment that can be a little overwhelming. Popular kids, test grades, college applications, it can all be a bit much! High school students today have high levels of stress and can be altogether too hard on themselves. There are so many things in high school that seem to matter…when the fact of the matter is, they will end up being a pretty insignificant part of your life path.


Being popular. 

Whether your school had 3000 students or 300, high school is full of cliques. At the time, which clique you fall into may seem critical-this is your social standing, after all! Understandably, you would want to fit in right? The truth is, once you leave high school, who your friends are won’t affect your success in life. Your employers won’t care if you are friends with the popular kids or the band kids (besides, let’s be honest here, band kids rock). All they care about is YOU. And that’s all you should care about, too.


That one failed test.

Surprise everybody! Students who don’t make straight A’s can still get into good schools! The grading system is flawed, with examinations based more on memorization than anything else. So sure, you bombed a test. We all have, at some point. It doesn’t mean your life is over and you won’t get a degree. Believe me, C average student here, I know.



For some reason, there seems to be a mindset that students not in honors classes aren’t smart or aren’t trying as hard. Don’t get me wrong. Honors classes are wonderful. With the right teachers, they can be challenging, and really push you to be your best. But honors means a lot of extra work and extra stress. Not everybody feels like they can handle that, and that’s okay. An A in a regular class is better than a C in an honors class. You aren’t a bad student if you don’t qualify for honors, or even if you simply choose not to take it.

art student pic alexes article

Every one has different strengths.

Some people are good at math, others are terrible at it. Maybe the student who’s terrible at algebra can write a stellar English essay. And maybe the student who is not so great at academic subjects can create art that swoops you into another universe. It’s okay to focus on your strengths. Students should not have so much pressure to all be good at the same subjects. We should celebrate their individual strengths.

To all the high school students reading this: I know these years can be hard. I know that for a lot of you, these WON’T be the “best four years of your life.” You don’t have to know who you are or what you want to do yet. Whatever any of you are going through, I know you can make it through this. I’ll looking forward to attending all of your graduations in spirit.

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