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How to Prepare for Your Internship This Semester

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Interning can be both an exciting experience and a nerve-wracking one. Here are some tips to make preparing for yours as easy as possible and to help make it a great experience!

So you’ve landed it! Now what? 

You’re probably well-past this stage as you probably secured your spring internship over a month ago. Still, keep this in mind for your future internships. Once it’s been confirmed that you got the internship and you’ve finished dancing around your room, be sure to send a thank you to the person who interviewed you. More often than not, they’re going to be your supervisor, so building up a relationship with them now is important.

Now it’s time to work out hours, days and any potential benefits. Don’t be afraid to ask if you’ll be getting paid or getting a travel stipend. Sometimes this can affect whether or not you’ll be able to complete the internship. Furthermore, be honest with your supervisor about hours and days. Can’t take an extra hour on Thursdays because you have to tutor or go to a club? Let them know and offer to work it out for another time!

Can you get school credit? If so, look into it now. You can probably sign up for internship credit up until the add/drop period of your semester is up—which is typically the first week or two. Signing up for internship credit not only makes it more worthwhile, but may help you meet some major or minor requirements!

One week before

It’s time for the fun stuff: your wardrobe! It’s likely that your internship will require business attire or business casual. First check out your closet. Look for comfortable but classy skirts and dresses, dark slacks, blouses, blazers and flats. If you can’t find much, hit the stores!

Check out stores like Macy’s, Nordstrom, Zara and J. Crew for some cute selections! Looking for something on the cheaper end? Target is great. Also, don’t underestimate the power of thrift stores. Thrift stores often have business casual sections and you can typically find something that works.


It’s important to make sure your clothing fits comfortably. Depending on the nature of your internship, you may be sitting at a desk all day, making coffee runs, visiting various places in the town or city you live in or even traversing around a busy office to run errands. You may love those cute heels, but if you’re not practical, don’t wear them. Also, be prepared to pack travel shoes as well. If it’s snowing outside, but you usually wear flats around your internship, just take them in your bag and don your snow boots to change out of after. No one will judge you for that.

A few days before

Make sure everything is in order. If your internship had you fill out some sort of form or survey, make sure that’s all complete. Find out where the office location is and how to get there. Get to know your local public transportation system. If you wanted internship credit from your school, make sure all of your paperwork is in.

The night before

Lay out all of your clothing the night before and pack your bag. You’re going to probably want to pack lunch/money for lunch, a phone charger or a portable charger, your headphones, a notepad and some pens, and maybe some things you might want to freshen up half-way through the day.

Finalize your travel plans and set a few alarms. Then, make sure to get a good night’s sleep.

The day of

Today’s the big day! Get ready, grab your bag and don’t forget to take a selfie before you leave! You’ve got this.

interning me

The author on her first day interning this semester

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