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Minimalist Must-Haves to Add to Your Winter Wardrobe

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It doesn’t always take prints and patterns to look stylish. Sometimes the simplest combinations can create the best outfit (and will give you much more time to sleep in the morning). These necessities are great additions to any wardrobe and will make looking cute amidst the cold a lot easier.

1. The Chelsea Boot

chelsea boot vocalady

American Eagle @ Payless, $34.99

Steve Madden @ DSW, $69.95

With or without the heel, suede or leather, these boots complete any outfit. They are just as appropriate for attending class as they are for attending a party. Also, don’t be fooled by prices. Feel free to splurge on boots from brands you love, but many small retailers are just as trustworthy in their shoe quality.

2. The Duster Jacket

duster jacket image 1

Forever 21, $34.90

Topshop, $160.00

We all know the struggle of getting dressed up in a cocktail dress for a night out, then having to throw a North Face over it. Don’t limit yourself to the puffer jacket this winter. The duster jacket is a great alternative for nights when you want to feel a little more fancy or days that don’t necessarily require insulated outerwear.

3. The (Faux) Fur Vest

fur vest new pic

Forever 21, $25.99

Lord & Taylor, $52.11

If you’re overwhelmed by the thought of wearing a fur jacket, the fur vest is a great alternative for you. Not only is it less overbearing, but since you’ll be wearing a jacket over it, you’ll be much warmer than if you’d settled for looking like Jerome from Martin:

jerome martin pic vocalady

“Watch your mouth!”

4. The Coated Legging 

coated legging pic

Charlotte Russe, $14.99

H&M, $17.99

Necessary Clothing, $27.99

One of the greatest things about minimalist style is that instead of focusing on prints, you can play around with fabrics. Mixing hard and soft fabrics is a great way to add complexity to your outfits while maintaining a simplistic wardrobe.

5. The Tartan Scarf

tartan scarf

Old Navy, $11.97

Gap, $20.99

Pursuing a minimalist look doesn’t have to mean avoiding prints altogether. A printed scarf is a great way to subtly change the course of an outfit.

6. The Leather Gloves

new leather gloves

JC Penney, $14.99

H&M, $17.99

If you’re not going to buy them because they look good, buy them because they’ll hold out much better than cloth gloves. Cloth gloves aren’t the best at shielding the hand from snow. Leather gloves will make sure you win your next snowball fight.

7. The Nike Roshe Run

nike rosh pic

Finish Line, $74.99

Nike, $75.00

Everyone needs a good winter sneaker, and wearing white Adidas sneakers (regardless of how suave they look), isn’t the best decision when snowfall is imminent. The Nike Roshe Runs are simple, stylish, and extremely comfortable. Did I mention they’re under $80?

8. The Boyfriend Jean

boyfriend jean winter

Old Navy, $32.00

Urban Outfitters, $39.99

Yes, your favorite summer staple can follow you to winter. Snowy days are bound to get you feeling lazy, and boyfriend jeans are the most stylishly lazy pants you’ll ever come across. Pair with ankle boots to fool your friends into thinking you put effort into your outfit.

9. The Knee-High Boot

knee high boot

Macy’s, $59.99

ASOS, $69.00

It’s a shoe that will keep over half of your leg warm. What else is there to say?

10. The Sweater Dress

sweater dress

Yes Style, $32.21

Necessary Clothing, $49.99

Keep your colors simple and your outfits even simpler. Pair with tights and booties and you’re ready to go.

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