4 Reasons Not To Transfer From Your University


I attend Eastern Michigan University in Ypsilanti, MI. I hate it for  variety of incredibly unimportant reasons. It was not, by far my first choice in university. In fact, it was dead last. I applied to the school because it was close to my home in Michigan and I was offered a very large scholarship before applying. I thought a lot about transferring even before starting my first semester of college. In fact, I looked into transferring to several other universities. I even began the process of filling out transfer applications. Even though I hate my university, there were four big reasons I chose not to transfer out.

1. Money

College these days is incredibly expensive and everyone is going. For public schools, the average amount students pay just in tuition is over $9,000 and the average for private schools is over three times that. When looking at how much money I wanted to put into my undergraduate education, it made sense for me to stay in the place where they were only making me pay for housing. The other colleges and universities I had been admitted to did not offer me nearly a comparable package and it made sense for me to go to the least expensive universit, despite the fact that I had been admitted to my first choice school. My parents were willing to put up all the money my scholarship didn’t cover and I could keep from taking out loans and save those for medical school debt I will more than likely incur.

2. Distance

When I live close to home, it is easier for me to personally convince my parents to allow me to study abroad. I’d get in state tuition, I could come home every weekend, and when I wanted to get away, I could. My first semester of college, I was able to travel during both Thanksgiving and Christmas Break because of how much money I saved. Without being close to home, I never would have ever been able to afford to go away on breaks and see beaches all the time!


3. Credits

When transferring schools, an unfortunate reality is that some credits transfer and some don’t. I started college with 25 credits and right now, I am at 43. Were I to transfer to another college or  university, the institution may not take all of my credits from AP exams and community college courses I took. They may not even take specific classes I took at school. They would make me retake classes that I had already taken or meet other degree requirements my current field of study does not have at my school. I chose to stay at my university because I knew that I was currently on track to graduate in at least three years if not 2 to 2.5. Not only would transferring cost me more money, it would cost me a year of my life. I had always intended to graduate in three years, mostly because I love to study and if you love to study, you take lots of classes and inadvertently get ahead. Adding a whole year on to my field of study, or even a semester was definitely a deal breaker.

4. Field of Study

I am double majoring in Biochemistry and Women and Gender Studies with a minor in Health and Illnesses. I know that not all colleges and universities allow students to double major and minor; I know the college I thought I wanted to attend through a transfer wouldn’t. I really love my fields of study that I am in. I do not want to leave them at all and I think I would be quite upset were I to have to change them. Because I wouldn’t have to do this at my school, I decided it would be best to stay put and graduate from Eastern Michigan University.
Every experience in every place is different for every person. In no way is my university inherently bad. Despite the fact that I feel like I don’t belong there and avoid social events like the plague, I felt like my best bet was to stay put and graduate. To find out whether or not you should transfer out of your university, ask yourself if it’s worth it. What kinds of things would you be giving up and what would you be gaining? I personally felt like I would be giving up way more for what I would be gaining. There’s nothing wrong with sticking things out if something better is coming!

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