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7 #2016Goals You Can Actually Achieve

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It’s that time of year again: time for us to begin setting goals that are so vague or unattainable we forget that they even exist. This New Year, instead of forcing yourself to abide by goals that can only be measured in the long-term (losing weight, eating healthier, etc.), save yourself the stress. These one-and-done goals are both easy to achieve and have perks that will last beyond the new year.

 1. Learn a new hairstyle

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The new year is always a great time to try a new look. Still, cutting or dying your hair can be pretty intimidating. A new hairstyle provides the perfect balance of looking different enough to cause shock, but giving your hair the ability to revert back to its usual state. If you wear your hair down most of the time, try learning one of these bun hairstyles. Naturals, if you usually stick to braid-outs, try a bantu-knot out. If you feel like giving your hair a breather, try cornrows. With a new ‘do on your head, you’ll be sure to make people turn theirs.                                                                                      
2. Create a signature dish

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There’s nothing like learning a new dish, but there’s also nothing like perfecting an old one – and adding your own twist. Whether it’s by using a secret ingredient or by switching one ingredient for another, find a way to make your favorite meal your own. Use fruits or cookies to personalize a simple batch of pancakes (see here for an OREO pancakes recipe!), or experiment with peppers (habaneros, poblanos, etc.) to turn your queso dip into a delicacy.

3. Perfect your favorite rap verse.

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You can memorize the lyrics to any song, but it is especially pleasing to perfect a rap verse (and it’s very impressive.) 2015 has been a great year in music, so take your pick. Whether it’s a 2015 hit like Drake’s “Energy” or a heated throwback like Busta Rhyme’s verse in “Look at Me Now” (2011), your hard work will pay off the next time you’re handed the auxiliary cord.

4. Find a new restaurant

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Restaurants aren’t just about their menus or even their menu prices. Finding a new restaurant can be the key to unlocking a whole new set of experiences. Use Yelp or Grubhub to find restaurants that cater to your dining needs. You and your friends may end up with a new signature hang out spot.

5. Volunteer for a local organization.

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Whether it’s for three hours or three months, any time put in makes a difference. While it certainly is important to focus on your job, or obtain one of you don’t have one already, do not forget the value of unpaid labor. Reach out to your local branch of volunteer organizations, such as the YWCA, or to neighborhood businesses. Even businesses that offer paid labor might really appreciate free help. It’s important to focus on bettering ourselves in the new year, but don’t forget about bettering others as well!

6. Find a new go-to makeup look/products

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Our faces won’t be changing with the new year, but we can change the way we accentuate our features. If red lipstick is your go-to, trade it for nude, and vice-versa. Something as simple as a shift in lip color or eye makeup can create a whole new you. Also, it doesn’t hurt to find new makeup products. As a lipstick lover, I can say that it’s pretty easy to blow your month’s savings on $20 lip colors that aren’t nearly as good as they look on Google Images. In addition to finding a new makeup look, set out to find good makeup dupes.

7. Find a new favorite singer. 

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There is always room for a new favorite artist. The new year is bound to have its ups and downs, but between it all, good music will definitely keep you sane. Check out our recent article for some assistance, or browse YouTube to find some hits.

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