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The Editor’s Blog: December

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Although I no longer study anything political (I tried both majoring and minoring in political science and couldn’t do it for many reasons), I do enjoy keeping my eyes on the political world. This month, during a Democratic debate, sexism and misogyny reared their ugly heads when the only female Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton, dared to return a few minutes after the commercial break from the restroom. From there, Clinton was barraged with sexist comments from other candidates of the Republican side and commentators. Who knew women had bladders? Admittedly, the issue is far too complex for me to go too deeply into it in this space, but I urge everyone to read these articles on the matter (which will explain why this issue is, indeed, a complex one): Biology Doesn’t Write Laws: Hillary Clinton’s Bathroom Break Isn’t As Trivial As Some Might Like to Think and The Year of the Toilet.


I grew up on Sci-Fi. I wore a Command onesie when I was a baby, and there was nothing I wanted more as a kid than to be Princess Leia. So I have been waiting on the edge of my seat for this movie to come out. Over the weekend, I saw it with my mother (who loves Star Wars) and my two younger brothers (who never showed any interest), and I was floored by how amazing it was. Two out of tree of our Golden Trio are POC, the other, an amazing woman. I won’t spoil the movie for you, but if you like sci-fi, or are even looking for an entryway into the saga, go see this movie. It was phenomenal, and I can never rave about this movie enough.


What I loved this month was the app created by The Washington Post called Floppy Candidate. Remember that irritating game Flappy Bird?! Well The Washington Post made a spoof of Flappy Bird where you play with your favorite (or least favorite) presidential candidates. Play as Trump, Clinton, Sanders, Carson, or Bush (with more candidates in development). As the candidates you get to go through different obstacles, like emails, the media, George Bush, and the wall Trump plans to build control immigration in Mexico. Also the game has some fun and interesting trivia about the different candidates so you can see how will you know who’s running for President. Also, if you find a particular trivia fact interesting, the question links you to an article written by The Washington Post that is related to the trivia question. It’s a really addictive game and it’s fun to play as the different candidates. It’s free in the app and google play stores! So if you find yourself bored over break, definitely play Floppy Candidate.



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