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Exam Answers That Will Make Your Worst Attempts Look A+ Worthy


There’s many a time when a student sits down to write an essay, get half way through it, and realise they’ve got absolutely no clue as to what they are actually writing about. Your thoughts scramble: does this make sense? Am I even writing in English? Is this looking less like an English paper and more like a Classical Latin assignment by the sentence? Other times we have looked at the first question of a test and regrettably looked back on that unnecessary but oh-so-good 12-hour television binge, or that long night out with friends, not realising all those precious study minutes were wasting away. Most of us have opened an exam booklet to realise we studied an irrelevant topic or memorised the wrong chapter of our course notes. We’ve all been there, and plenty of us try to at least make a reasonable attempt at answering a question in the hopes of gathering as many marks as we possibly can.

And then there’s the students that think ‘screw that’.

It’s that time of year again: finals week. Cue the screeching horror music, the caffeine binges, the excessive nail-biting. Give your eyes a break from scanning over that one textbook page again and again and again to remind yourself that whatever you write surely can’t be as bad as the following exam answers.

Complied within this fun little article is a collection of humorous and clever answers to tests, essays, and exam questions. If you’re stressing about finals and find yourself thinking the answer you’re frantically scribbling down in the last 5 minutes sounds rubbish, wait until you’ve read these. You might find yourself reconsidering your ‘maybe-this-is-the-answer-I’ve-honestly-got-no-clue’ response!

This student most likely spent most of their high school life in art class studying and critiquing designs and photographs, and probably has to take maths as a compulsory subject (which sounds an awful lot like my own high school experience). Not a bad critique if I do say so myself!

This student clearly watched Fight Club instead of studying for this test.

Another student echoing my high school experience: doodling. Lots and lots of doodling. Luckily they had much more forgiving teachers than I did!

A walrus appears to have gotten a wee bit lost and appeared in this student’s maths book. How bizarre!

This student is smooth as hell. Look at that angle blushing, aww! Bless! Young love ❤

This student has absolutely no chill. Their answer, however, has plenty. Gotta praise that straight-to-the point, no bullshit answer.

Another student with no chill at all.

This student deserves double (0-7) marks for this answer

Did Peter even TRY to write this essay accurately? Nothing a quick Wiki search couldn’t fix

Why did this answer not get a mark? It’s right – everyone’s favourite Hu(e)gh should be Hugh Jackman.

This student hits the nail on the head for those awfully dull classes, and even duller teacher feedback sheets.

And finally, a student’s brutally honest attempt at reconciling their lack-of-studying. Surely they got a mark or two for effort?

So stress not, Vocalady Readers. Finals might be a pain in the butt, but at least you know you’ll get a lot further than this handful of students. Good luck to you all, keep calm, and remember that at the end of the day, grades aren’t everything.


Image Credit: Header – All other photos included have clickable source links embedded into the image.


2 thoughts on “Exam Answers That Will Make Your Worst Attempts Look A+ Worthy

  1. Not going to lie… Sometimes professors appreciate drawings. I drew a cat on every single one of my quizzes in American Literature. I always got a “Thanks!” However, I did actually answer the question…


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