End-of-Semester Advice From the VocaLady Staff

end of semester

As the semester draws to a close, we asked the VocaLady staff what they learned this semester! Here’s what they said:

Put you first

“This semester, I lost one of my best friends and with her, an entire group of friends. I was sad at first, but I used it to motivate me to become a better person and work hard in my own life. My GPA has soared, I got a new job, and I took risks. If I’ve learned anything, it’s that when you focus on yourself first and avoid negativity, instead of putting others above you and engaging in drama, amazing things can happen.” -Alexes, writer and social media editor.

Sometimes things won’t go your way and that’s okay

“This semester was my first one as a Resident Assistant. There was definitely a learning curve! I faced some unexpected situations. Sometimes things wouldn’t go my way. I had to learn to keep positive, no matter what, but also recognize that I can’t do everything. Sometimes, you just have to shift your attitude. By doing these things, you can keep yourself motivated to keep trying. Because when you stay motivated and things do end up going your way (which they will inevitably in the end, trust me), it’s extremely gratifying. I’m excited to see what next semester has in store for me!” -Chelsea, co-founder and editor-in-chief.

Find something you love

“This semester, I started performing slam poetry and taking more responsibility for my mental health. Looking back, it was the best thing I could have done for myself, and a lot of people around me have noticed the difference in the way I perceive myself and others. Becoming a part of a slam poetry club and finding more avenues to talk about mental health and other personal issues really turned this into an important year for me, and makes me even more confident and excited for 2016!” -Rachel, writer.

Be there for those that you love

“This semester, my boyfriend was diagnosed with clinical depression. It was very sad and even though it wasn’t a big deal (of course it’s very treatable) it can be heart wrenching to go through that. I learned that I need to stop being so self absorbed all the time and focus on other people a lot more. Not people I don’t know since I tend to extend my hand to strangers through volunteering but the people around me who love me and are really there taking care of me. I let him get in really bad shape. And I feel guilty but I need to learn from that. And I did.” -Micaela, writer. 

Transitioning isn’t always easy

“This was my first semester in college, and I didn’t really know what I was expecting when I went into it. It was a huge whirlwind of ups and downs. I liked my classes (for the most part), which was a huge plus. I was also lucky enough to be a part of the devised work on gender identity as a writer and actor. I went through a big rough patch this semester. Transitioning wasn’t easy. But as the semester comes to a close, I find that I have made some really great memories here, and even more amazing friends. I’m excited to move forward next semester as I continue to pursue my passions in the wonderful environment I have found myself in.” -Darcy, managing editor. 

Sometimes you need to work your butt off

“This semester I took my advertising creativity class knowing from the start that I needed at least a B+ grade to even be considered to major in it for my third and final year in 2016. There were 140+ students taking the class, and only 40 are selected to continue (based on their grade alone) for next year. This was the class and grade that would pretty much determine my future at university, so I worked my butt off and poured all my efforts into my assignments and came through with an A- average and secured my place in the top 40, proving that hard work, a few private tears and dedication really pays off.” -Zoë, graphic designer and writer.

Be proud of yourself more

“This semester, I started taking more of my business classes. My business school is super competitive and I have always felt like I was out of place there. I wasn’t 100% sure if I wanted to stay a business major, but I figured if I could take business classes that bored me and challenged me, and succeed, then maybe I could be a good business major. I got really sick during the semester but I tried not to let that prevent me from doing well. I was actually doing really well in my classes and was doing above the class averages on exams (which I usually do horrible with). At the end of the semester I did a group project to create a product and I came up with the idea that my group used. Well, we did super well on it and were chosen as one of the top four teams out of the 30+ teams in the class. So next week I get to give a presentation in front of over one hundred people, but I am so proud of myself and really feel like I am just as good as my classmates. I learned to stop doubting myself and I became a lot more confident. Now I love being a business major and look forward to the many more challenges ahead.” -Delaney, managing editor.

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