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De-Stress December


It’s December now, which means holiday music, gift buying and giving, family time, and…finals. Final exams, projects, and papers can creep up on us after Thanksgiving and we’re left wondering how is the semester already almost over? With teachers cramming in last minute quizzes and final exams and projects piling up, it can lead to a lot of stress and anxiety. Well, don’t fear! VocaLady is here to help!

Study Tips

First off, make a schedule a few weeks out from finals. Decide which subjects need more attention than others and which concepts need more time to grasp. Make your schedule keeping in mind exams and due dates and make sure to stick to it! Don’t leave studying to the night before. Cramming will harm you more than it will help you.

Next, step away from your computer and/or books. That’s right! Taking breaks is a very important part of studying in general. Make sure to take 5-10 minute breaks for every hour of studying. This will make sure you stay focused and refreshed.

Figure out what makes you remember things easiest? Are you a listener, visual learner, or kinesthetic learner? Study in a way that allows you to remember the information in the most comfortable way possible. If you’re a visual learner, try getting together in a group where each person can demonstrate a different aspect of the course material. If you learn best by writing things down, make study guides and color code important information.

Make sure you have snacks and water! Staying full and hydrated is SUPER important in general, but if you’re hungry and/or thirsty while studying, your memorization ability will drop drastically.


Ways to De-Stress

As stated above, make sure you take breaks. During those breaks, do things you enjoy! Paint. Read. Write. Drink a cup of tea or hot chocolate. Look up puppy videos. Make some cookies. Have a little dance party…Anything to give you a little boost to keep you going!

On longer breaks, try going for a run or swim or trip to the gym. Doing any sort of exercise will release endorphins and make you less stressed. It’ll keep you in shape too!

Many universities have De-Stress events around midterm and finals time. Common activities include DIY stress balls, painting, free food, and everyone’s favorite: THERAPY DOGS! Take advantage of what your school offers!


Staying on track

To stay on track with final papers, exams, and projects, make a calendar with due dates, important meetings, and exam dates. Make sure everything is clearly marked so you won’t get anything mixed up. Make a plan to knock out things due before finals week and a study guide for your exams. Keep everything in perspective and make sure not to procrastinate! Stay on track with your plan – try to get friends involved! You’ll all be able to hang out in a less-stressed environment and get work done while keeping each other accountable.

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