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Why Brooklyn Nine-Nine Should Be The Next TV Show You Binge

If you’re in need of a light-hearted, humorous, diverse and wonderfully charming show perfect for the holiday season this winter break (or summer holidays for us in the southern hemisphere), you might want to try Fox’s award-winning sitcom Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Following the misadventures of the captains, officers and detectives from the 99th police precinct in New York, Brooklyn Nine-Nine (or B99 as fans of the show call it) is a gem in the minefield of television shows and sitcoms aiming at being funny, but more often than not falling short.

The creators of Brooklyn Nine-Nine have impressive and hilarious resumes filled with the likes of Parks and Recreation, Saturday Night Live and The Office – so you know the show is going to at least make you chuckle, unlike many sad attempts at comedy Hollywood has tried to clumsily piece together. And that’s just it: the show is hilarious – with the added bonus of the writers not having to sacrifice excellent character representation or development for the sake of a laugh.

With a racially diverse cast and a nicely balanced amount of female main characters as there are their male counterparts, the show is an excellent example of what film and television casting should be like in terms of casting: realistic. Out of seven main characters (the ones that appear in the opening credits), 3 of them are female, and only 2 of them are white. The show also doesn’t try and shove it’s diversity down your throat or make a joke out of it either – they handle the topics lightly and the characters are most certainly not defined by their ethnicity or sexuality. More effort is put into writing the characters in terms of their personalities, quirks and work ethic, which hardly ever coincide or stereotype their cultural backgrounds.

The three female characters – Amy Santiago, Gina Linetti and Rosa Diaz – all have different personalities, but are still excellent examples of well-written female characters. Amy, a slight overachiever and obvious teacher’s pet, is a determined detective with a strong work ethic and is eager to please her bosses. She also isn’t afraid to stand up for herself and won’t let anyone walk over her. Gina is the sarcastic office assistant who never seems to get any work done, but knows the ins and outs of everything happening in the office and is always the first to jump up and help her co-workers in times of need. Rosa is a stone-cold detective with a bad-ass streak who does in fact have a soft side (even if seeing it is a rarity), but never hesitates to do what’s right and is extremely smart.

Filled to the brim with pop-culture references, rounded characters, hilarious storylines and co-worker bonding, Brooklyn 99 is an underrated comedy absolutely deserving of the awards it has received. If you’re needing a new show to binge, B99 is a show I would highly recommended that you’ll thank me later for watching.

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