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Editors’ Blog: November

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The Editors’ Blog is a monthly blog by the editors of VocaLady Magazine reviewing the previous month in the world of current events, fashion, films, books, television, trends and more.


So with the semester winding down, the amount of work and assignments I’m getting is starting to increase, and deadlines are looming in the suddenly not-so-distant-distance. When this happens, it can be hard to take care of yourself and give yourself what you need. This is why I have been loving You Feel Like Shit, which is an interactive flowchart that walks you through your physical and emotional ills and tells you how to take care of yourself. It has honestly helped me come down from a lot of anxiety, reminds me to eat and take my medication, and it has saved my life this month (and will continue to do so). I highly recommend this, especially as finals come up. If you’re interested in checking it out, click here.


With the colder months, not only am I freezing and miserable, but my skin tends to suffer as well. Although I normally have greasy skin, the winter wind (and, where I’m at school in Washington, D.C., the rain) tends to dry out my skin. Putting on make-up, especially powder, just seems to accent the dry cracks in my skin. However, I recently started using CeraVe’s foaming facial cleanser and I’m pleased with the results! It combats my oily skin while also be gentle on the skin. It also smells good and the foam really just feels nice. I’d definitely suggest it for those who suffer in the winter like me!



As I’m sure you know, Adele released her new album 25. She actually has the voice of an angel. If you have not listened to her album yet, stop what you are doing immediately and listen to it!  Her first single from the       album, Hello, has a whopping 578,739,217 views on Youtube and that number keeps growing everyday. Adele’s album makes you feel all of the emotions. It makes you miss that one attractive person you saw on the bus. She is just so talented and doesn’t care about what people say about her (she frequently gets criticized for her weight). But 25 is a beautiful album that you should keep on repeat while you study for finals.


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