Nicole Arbour and Her Success From Controversy

I’m sure you all remember the lovely Nicole Arbour who is famous for her Dear Fat People Video that became a viral hit and sparked a lot of controversy. The video received millions of views and caused YouTube to remove the video from their site because it was so offensive. Arbour always defended herself saying that her video wasn’t insulting, it was “comedy.”

Well, Arbour is at again with her latest controversial video called Dear Black People. Let’s just say the six minutes I spent watching it for research purposes for this article were painful. Arbour uses cheap humor and insults in order to rack up views.  Sadly enough, the comments about the video on her Facebook page were fairly positive, even though this is a clearly racist and offensive video.

She starts the video with raising her hands and saying “Don’t Shoot!” (BECAUSE GUN VIOLENCE IS SO HILARIOUS HAHAHA NICOLE ARBOUR AREN’T YOU THE BEST COMEDIAN TO ROAM THE EARTH). But seriously, THAT’s how you start your video?  As you can expect, it just went downhill from there.


Is this video offensive? I think so. It’s just Arbour making fun of and reinforcing a bunch of racial stereotypes. She decided to have fellow YouTuber Latoya Forever for “insurance purposes.”

She then goes on to talk about how black people appropriate white culture: “I see you all [black people] in Starbucks. That’s appropriating everything that’s white, and nobody makes fun of you.” Apparently drinking coffee is a white only thing.

Now, I could continue to talk about every little thing wrong with Arbour’s new video, but let’s just talk about Arbour herself. Yes, she makes offensive videos however she is getting lots of views on YouTube by making these controversial videos. Everyone wants to check out the latest stupid comments Arbour made.

The media has been writing articles talking about how the Dear Fat People creator made another controversial video. By doing this, Arbour is getting exactly what she wants: free press. These articles place Arbour’s video in them so people can easily view it to really see what the controversy is all about. This really just means more views for Arbour. She is getting her name out there, even if it’s in a negative way. The media is giving her all the attention she craves. After all, I’m pretty sure she makes these controversial videos just for the attention, good or bad.

It seems that to be famous you have to be controversial in some way, and American’s seem to love controversy. For example, think of the celebrities we idolize and how we love the gossip and controversies they cause. It is just entertainment for us. Arbour’s videos just scream controversy and we enjoy the drama and bashing her for her hateful videos. Yet we are encouraging her by watching her video, and reading and writing articles about her (which I’m quite aware that I’m doing now just by writing this article).

So in some ways, maybe Arbour is fooling us all. We are giving her the views and attention she wants. As long as we give her the attentions she craves, Arbour will continue to make controversial videos that we will keep viewing, writing about, and getting offended by. So one might argue that we shouldn’t watch her videos.

This is the last article I will ever write about Arbour.  I’m asking you to stop viewing her videos because her videos do not deserve any attention. It’s also time to stop reading articles about her. We get angry and talk about her, but all that does is get her name out there more. Let’s all pretend Arbour does not exist and hopefully the controversial and offensive videos will stop coming.

We’re all very busy living our lives but most of us will do whatever we can to make the world a better place, even if it’s just a small thing like refusing to promote hatred amongst our fellow humans.



Photo Credit: Cover12


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