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4 Responses to “So, What Are You Going to Do With That?” 

So, tell us: what are you studying?

Thanksgiving means a lot of things. Family, great food, political arguments, adorable younger cousins and, of course, uncomfortable questioning from family members. This can range from “So, do you have a boyfriend, yet?” to “What are you studying in college?” Then, there’s the worst. Often sneered at you across the table from an uncle you barely see, it’s the nasty variations of the question, “What are you going to do with that?” If you’re an English major or a Communications major or Film or Creative Writing or anything in that field, you may bear the brunt of the harshest of these questions because you clearly made the mistake of not pursuing a shining, bright STEM course of study. This holiday season don’t let your family question your college choices—most specifically your major. Here are some great ways to respond when your family asks these obnoxious questions.

1. Literally Say Nothing

If your family doesn’t support your major, then why should you even try to argue with them? You’re brilliant, you’re working hard, you don’t need any negativity in your academic life. If you fear repercussion, don’t do this disrespectfully. Manage to distract yourself right after that question. Drop your fork, offer to pass the stuffing to your cousins, go into a coughing fit. You don’t ever have to prove yourself to anyone.

2. Whip out the facts

Every single major has its merits. Your major is probably making you an amazing writer. In a world of technology and social media, knowing how to write well is still extremely important. How many times do we see typos in online articles? There’s probably one in this one. As a writer, you now have the ability to be an excellent communicator. And that’s a priceless skill. Networking, successful interviews, perfect writing samples, gorgeous resumes, here you come!

3. Don’t shut up

Actually though. They asked, “What are you going to do with that?” Answer. Don’t stop. Tell them everything. Starting from what you’re doing now, where you’re interning, what you plan to do immediately after graduation, where you want to settle down, all of the jobs you have lined up in your head. Don’t spare the details of the personal and social life you’d like to have, such as when you’re planning on getting married and your questions about how having children may affect your career and when you’d like to start doing that and where you’d like to send your children to college. Chances are, your relative will stop asking you questions after that.

4. Straight up explain why that question sucks

You are an extremely fortunate person because you’re getting a college degree; not many people are that fortunate. And you worked hard to be at this place in your life. Explain that that question assumes you’re not working hard enough or doing enough or even smart enough. Explain that no matter the content of your degree, it’s important to you that you have one. And it’s important to your ambitions as well.

No matter what, however, don’t question your relative’s life choices. This may be your least favorite relative and you may be boiling inside, but don’t (disrespectfully) try to turn the tables on them. Keep calm, state your case and then turn away. You know your degree will serve you in the way you want it to. Don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise. Now, go enjoy some turkey!

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