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The Editors’ Blog: October

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The Editors’ Blog is a monthly blog by the editors of VocaLady Magazine reviewing the previous month in the world of current events, fashion, films, books, television, trends and more.

We’re excited to again welcome Delaney to our editorial team as a managing editor!


October revealed to me how tired I am when it comes to doubters of costume appropriation or cultural appropriation. As a Resident Assistant at my university, I was largely responsible last month for educating my residents on the damaging effects of appropriating someone else’s culture. Thus, I would use social media as a tool, sharing articles on cultural appropriation and costume suggestions that wouldn’t be seen as offensive. More than once I encountered (now former) followers or Facebook friends arguing against it. Common arguments included: “it’s Halloween, why can’t I be someone I’m not?” and “What’s next that social justice warriors seek to ban? White people from eating Chinese food?” Oh, the white tears really flowed. As much as I wanted to educate these people and explain to them why their statements were ridiculous and wrong, I realized that, sometimes, fighting the ignorant really doesn’t always reap the desire results. Rather, you might end up with a comment thread of over 50+ comments and no real resolve in sight. Sometimes, I realized, the best response was simply typing, “Google it,” and moving on. Sometimes you have no time for ignorant people and sometimes you have to give up the fight for another day.



Speaking of Halloween Costumes, I found myself spending a lot of time looking at some of the most ridiculous ‘sexy’ Halloween costumes. There is absolutely nothing wrong with dressing up in sexy costumes on Halloween as long as they’re empowering, but why are some frankly normal things made sexy? Sexy Pizza Rat, sexy Bert and Ernie, and a sexy minion are all things I never thought needed to be sexualized. I think the real winner though was sexy Donald Trump costume:


WHY IS SEXY DONALD TRUMP A THING?! I think the costume companies were going crazy trying to make something random into a hit, sexy Halloween costume. I did enjoy laughing at some of their creations as well as some of the videos of people trying on ridiculous Halloween costumes (like the Try Guys video from Buzzfeed, which you can watch here). I think people are definitely getting creative when it comes to Halloween costumes, but all I ask is please do not ruin my childhood in the process.


Breaking away from the Halloween theme, I have recently re-discovered an old favorite group of mine. For those of you who, like me, enjoy listening to foreign pop music, Il Volo has been a favorite group of mine since my freshman year of High School. This Italian “popera” (yes, you read me right, pop opera. Sounds weird in theory, is amazing in practice) group represented Italy in this past Eurovision, winning Italy the #3 spot overall (WHICH IS A HUGE DEAL!), and the #1 spot in fan polls. Now, while I do understand some Italian, I do not understand all of it. But I don’t feel that takes away from my enjoyment of their music. They have a strong energy, and amazing talent that is noticeable no matter the language. And for those of you who still don’t want to listen to songs in languages you don’t understand, they also sometimes sing in Spanish, English, and even sometimes German!

I mean, look at those Italian rays of sunshine. Gianluca, Piero, and Ignazio have won over the hearts of Europe, why not yours too?

Photo Credit: 123, 4, 5


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