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12 Signs You’re Over Halloween and Ready For Christmas

This past weekend signified our favorite cavity (and hangover)-inducing holiday: Halloween. However, while some of us may be glad we finally got to show off that outfit we’ve been raving about, others are just glad that we can finally get to a real holiday: Christmas! If you’ve been over Halloween since October’s fruition, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Here are some common symptoms of early onset holiday fever:

  1. If your dorm room looks like this:

christmas dorm room pic

Instead of this:

halloween dorm room pic

2. Or if instead of looking for one of these:

halloween costume ideas pic

You’ve been ordering these:

ugly christmas sweaters pic

Pretty classy if you ask me.

3. If you’ve already been jamming to one of these bad boys:

3 hour christmas playlist pic

4. Or these bad boys:

8 hour christmas playlist pic

5. Or-dear help me God, please tell me you’ve never clicked on this:

jingle bells 10 hours pic

How did it get over 5,000,000 views?

6. If you’ve been listening to this album on repeat:

Holidays rule album pic

The Shins + Paul McCartney + Fun. = MAGIC

7. Or you’ve been ransacking the house trying to find the best Christmas album ever created:

now thats what i call christmas pic

8. If your Netflix queue looks something like this:

Christmas netflix queue pic

9. Or your “Recently Used” emojis look something like this:

recently used emojis pic

Totally acceptable.

10. If you’ve started watching Christmas hauls on YouTube:

bethany mota christmas gif

Bethany Mota = Christmas Queen

11. Or are patiently waiting for Michael Buble’s NBC Christmas special like:

new york on bed meme pic

Any time now, Michael.

12. And lastly, if you’ve ever found yourself on this website:

christmas countdown pic

But don’t be ashamed! Christmas is right around the corner anyway. I’d rather start celebrating now than let Christmas sneak up on me. Keep spreading the holiday cheer!

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