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Staff Interview: Rachel

rachel staff 3

Name: Rachel Levy

Major: Political Science and Philosophy, Politics and Law (PPL)
Year in School: Sophomore
You wrote in a previous article that you changed your major a lot of times. How do you feel now that you’re settled on one? Any changes planned?
When I started college, it was weird to categorize myself as specific majors at first. I am so passionate about my education, how am I supposed to limit myself to learning about only a few things? If you’d told me when I started attending Binghamton University that I’d end up as primarily a philosophy major, I probably would have laughed. But expanding my horizons in college and taking the time to learn about new subjects is such an amazing experience. It’s why I wrote that article, and I’m very proud of it, because I lived through it! Don’t be afraid to change your mind to match the subjects that make you excited to get up and learn in the morning. That said, I’m not anticipating any more changes to my major—my roommate Delaney would probably kill me first if I came running to her about another major I want to study.
When did you first start writing? How did you know you wanted to be a writer?
I originally wanted to be a writer when I grew up, before I started studying law and competing in mock trial. I used writing as an escape; it was a way to play pretend and make anything I wanted possible. As I got older, however, it became less about escaping and more about embracing the things that mean something to me and having an avenue to talk about them. Now, I use writing to encourage change and criticize concepts I don’t agree with. I get excited about writing papers and essays in college! It’s a chance for me to convey my opinion on something I’ve spent so much time learning about. Even though I’ve lost the desire to be an author as a career, I’m glad I found a way to keep it in my life through writing and performing slam poetry, and being a part of the amazing staff at VocaLady.
What was your favorite vacation to date?
My favorite vacation to date was the trip I took with my friends Jackie and Stephanie to Disney World the summer before my sophomore year of college. I got perfectly tan, I got to ride Expedition Everest, and I even got to make a stuffed dinosaur! His name is Nero, he’s an Apatosaurus, and he is my second stuffed dinosaur.
rachel staff 2
Where do you see yourself after graduation?
After graduation, I will be attending law school. I’ve wanted to be a law student for so long, I’m excited to get started!
Would you rather live on the beach or a mountain?
I’d definitely rather live on a mountain. I couldn’t handle all that sand everywhere, and I think I’d love the view.
What’s your dream job?
My dream job is being a Supreme Court Justice. But, baby steps! I want to be a trial lawyer, then a judge someday. No matter what, my dream job involves having a say in what justice means and getting to help people.
What’s the scariest thing you’ve done?
The scariest thing I’ve ever done was play zombie laser tag with my friends. It sounds like it’d be cute and quirky. You’re all wrong, I couldn’t stop screaming, and I had one of the actors try to shoot me while all my friends ran. I’m still scared of zombies.
What’s your favorite book?
Choosing a favorite book is so hard! I guess I would have to say The Tale of Despereaux, by Kate DiCamillo. It was my favorite as a child, and I still love it now.
What’s your favorite movie?
My favorite movie is, without a doubt, Legally Blonde. Even before I wanted to study law, I knew I wanted to be Elle Woods.
Least favorite food?
My least favorite food is broccoli. My family tends to forget this, which leads to that one time I came home for break, and they ordered pizza from my favorite place back home—covered in broccoli. I still hold a grudge.

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