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Beauty Tips For The Morning After (Your Novel)

morning after

Listen, the morning after is never pretty for any of us. Chances are, you look pretty rough. That’s okay, it happens to the best of us. We’ve all been there. Lucky for you, VocaLady is here to help you look and feel your best!

First, you’re going to want to get changed. Chances are, you’ve been in the same pair of pajama bottoms and slouchy, oversized t-shirt since you started this project. No one’s going to tell you this, but it’s smelly. It smells like cliche and it’s covered in plot holes. Put something else on, and head into the bathroom. If you really don’t want to change, pull some leggings on under that shirt and cinch it with a cute belt! 

Take a shower if you have the time, but if you don’t, at least wash your face. That face spent a lot of time in your hands. And brush your teeth while you’re at it. Your breath smells heavily of poor dialogue.

If makeup is your thing, now’s the time to break it out. I would start out by putting concealer under your eyes to cover up those caffeine-fueled all nighters you’ve been pulling. No one needs to know you went quasi-nocturnal in attempt to get this thing done.

In connection to this, your next step should be a heavy coat of mascara. The mascara will make your eyes look more open, so no one will be able to tell that you’re half asleep because of said sleepless nights. We recommend waterproof mascara so it won’t run while you’re crying through the editing process.

Next, we suggest a nice, bold lip color. This will show off to everyone you encounter that you’ve accomplished something, and that they should take you (and your project) seriously. Because nothing says “professional writer lady” like a red lip.

Now, take your hair out of the bun/ponytail/whatever horrendous updo it’s been in since you’ve started writing, and give it a good brushing. Trust us, it’s not a good look for anyone. You hair is tangled with conflicts. My favorite brush is from the “plot diagram” line, the “resolution” brush will get all those knots out no sweat.
You’re almost ready to go out into the world and show off your finished project to the world! Just put on whatever shoes are the most comfortable for the many walks you’ll be taking to coffee shops during your editing process, give a couple sprays of a perfume. (We recommend “success” by “you!”), and head out the door with a smile on your face. And don’t forget to give yourself a pat on the back. After all, the morning after (your writing project), is a rough one, and you’re taking it by storm!

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