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Why You Should Watch “The March Family Letters”


The March Family Letters is a webseries produced by Pemberly Digital and Cherrydale Productions. It’s a modernization of Little Women by Louisa May Alcott and follows four sisters on their journey through love, loss, and finding their way through adulthood. Sounds boring, and like every other coming-of-age story ever, right?

Well here’s why you’re wrong, and you need to be watching it now, before they start up season two.


  1.    A cast with POC

literarywebseriescenter: I AM ART! Funniest moment in TheMFL.

It would have been easy to have an all-white cast with a story like this one, saying that they were white in the book, but here we have Laurie played by Demi Oliver, and Joan Brooke played by Alejandra Simmons (I’ll talk more about how cool it is that John was made a woman in the next point). Though it’s a small number of POC, it’s also a small cast. I’m so excited that they’re starting to take traditionally white characters and make them POC.


  1.   Interracial Lesbians

Yes, my friends, not only do we get lesbians, but we get interracial lesbians. Now, I should specify, though Meg is in a relationship with Joan, she is certainly in the questioning phase of sexuality. We presume Joan is a lesbian because we don’t know about her past relationships. This is so important, as in the book, Joan Brooke was John Brooke, meaning that the creators of this web series went out of their ways to create this representation which is huge, and I couldn’t be happier about it. Their relationship is wonderful, and gentle, and patient, and it makes me incredibly happy.

  1.   Strong relationships between women

This, before anything else, is a story about sisters. Do the sisters argue? Absolutely, all siblings do. But in the end, there’s a strength and solidarity in these sisters that’s so refreshing to see in the media. When it all comes down to it, they are there for each other. When times get tough, they support and hold each other through it all, and give each other strength. Other women are never seen as the competition, but as friends. And it’s so wonderful to see these women go into lead roles. Marmee is in the army, Meg is studying to be an engineer, the list goes on.

  1.    Asexual representation

funandvibrant: Meg braiding Beth’s hair in “Dear Marmee”

Asexuals never, and yes, I am comfortable saying never, get accurate representation in the media. So when they revealed Beth was ace, and actively beat down every asexual stereotype that has been portrayed in the media, I actually had to pause the video because I got so excited and emotional. They state that she can still have romantic attraction, which is a common misconception that people make about asexual folk. And they never once treat it like she’s broken or needs to be fixed. In fact, it’s something that’s not made central to her story, or her entire plot, which is so important.
There are so many more reasons I could go on about why you should be watching this series, but I’ll leave them for you to figure out as you watch!

Here’s a link to the playlist of the whole series, if you’re feeling a binge-watch

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