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The Editors’ Blog: September

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Finding time to study in college is hard. And figuring out how to manage what little time you have is hard enough. What I found has been a lifesaver in my first ever month of college is a study method known as the Pomodoro Method. In this method, you work diligently for twenty five minutes, which is one “pomodoro” between pomodoros, you take a five minute break. After four pomodoros, you take a forty five minute break. What I love about this is that it helps you manage your time and get your work done without fizzling out and cramming, as college students are in the bad habit of doing. This has helped me get all my work done with time to spare with only mild breakdowns.


ABC’s How to Get Away With Murder just started its second season, and with even more murder on the way, its shaping up to be truly wild! The strong cast of likable (yet extremely frustrating) characters sucks you right in and holds you tight. (Seriously. I dare you to watch the pilot and not want to know what happens next.) In this suspenseful legal thriller, Viola Davis stars as a charismatic and brilliant defense lawyer/professor who tackles cases along with a group of the best and brightest students in her class. When they’re all drawn into a murder mystery, they need to  figure out if they can really “get away with murder.” If you haven’t checked it out yet, season 1 is on Netflix, and new episodes air on ABC on Thursdays at 1o PM Eastern Time. Oh, and a little bonus motivation to check it out: Viola Davis just won an Emmy for her performance on this show.


book club

I started a book club this month in my hall!  As college students, we are all assigned tons of readings a day, for various courses, which can really create a negative view of reading. I wanted to make reading fun again, so I proposed the idea of a book club where the reading is fun, low-key and relaxing! Furthermore, reading for fun really does have great health benefits–you sleep better, it keeps you sharp, and it even helps with your relationships!  Furthermore, as a Resident Assistant, I’m constantly working to help foster a positive, inclusive community and thought book club meetings, where everyone is invited to speak openly and comfortably about something they’re passionate about, could help do just that! We have decided to meet monthly where we will discuss the book we read and pick a new book! This month, we’re reading How to Live Safely in a Science Fictional Universe by Charles Yu. Check back on the site for a possible book review later in the month!


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