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Why You Should Join the VocaLady Team!

vocalady header made by zoe

Do you love writing? Obsessed with social media? Graphic designer? Do you study communications? Love to talk about feminism?

Then join the VocaLady team and work for us today! Our writers write about feminism, the media industry, college, lifestyle, health, beauty, fashion, internships, current events as well as contributing personal stories! Our social media team works to advance our message while contributing to national and international conversation on women and the media! We even have an amazing graphic designer who has created our beautiful logo.

As a team, we aim to develop our writing, editing, and marketing skills. Not only will you be able to create an online portfolio of work, you’ll be able to develop your communication skills within a supportive team setting!

We’ve seen our staff members do some amazing things too! For example, staff writers Delaney and Rachel cite their proudest moment was seeing an article they wrote appear assigned as a reading topic at gender studies classes at two prestigious universities, Bard College and Stony Brook University. By joining, you have the opportunity to have your work recognized across the country!

Worried about time commitment? Worried about your writing ability? Don’t worry; we’re here to help! Our team is flexible and more than happy to help you in any way!


Hear from some of our staff members about why you should join:

Delaney, Staff Writer and Social Media Editor: You should join VocaLady so your voice can be heard. You get to write about anything and everything that you are passionate about or just want to learn more about yourself. At VocaLady, you are part of an amazing team of college girls who will help you every step of the way and care about the same issues you do.

Micaela, Staff Writer: You should join because it’s a good experience. I think that I have been able to think more deeply about what’s going on around me and I’m proud of that.

Zoe, Staff Writer and Graphic Designer: 100% of the Graphic Design team are awesome – and yes, it may only be comprimised of me at the moment but I can guarantee if we get more members it will still be 100%! The Graphics Team make logos, headers and banners for VocaLady, so if you’d like to flex your Photoshop skills past assignments and hobbies, hop on board! And/or if you love to write, love a bit of girl power, seeing awesome women in the media shine and working with inspiring, thoughtful and lovely girls, VocaLady is the place to be!

Trisha, Co-Founder and Co-Editor-in-Chief: It’s a good way to gain experience sticking to a deadline. And it gives you the freedom to speak your mind with support.

Darcy, Managing Editor: It gives me the ability to say the things I never had the opportunities to say, and feel a community behind me.

Chelsea, Co-Founder and Co-Editor-in-Chief: Joining the team is a unique experience you may not get anywhere else. Not only will you be able to join a supportive, accessible and consistent team, you will learn a lot about yourself as your skills improve! You will be able to market your experience at VocaLady in your professional life and will truly have something amazing to show future employers. Furthermore, you will be able to use your voice in ways you perhaps never knew you could! We’re here for you.

(Don’t forget to meet the rest of our team!)

Hear more about our position here and apply here. You’re free to apply to as many positions as you’d like! Questions? Email us at We look forward to working with you!


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