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5 Ways to Relax During College


There is no doubt in everyone’s mind that college is stressful. Grades matter, extracurriculars matter, you still want to make friends, you need to talk to your family, you have to make a difference in your community. There are so many struggles outside of just learning the material presented in class that it becomes imperative to learn how to relax while you’re in college! So here are 5 ways you can relax while in college.

  • Take up physical exercise.

Exercise has been known to aid in reducing stress as well as decreasing the likelihood of developing Depression. It also allows you to burn unnecessary calories and increase and maintain a high metabolism. Finding time to exercise a few times per week, even if it is just a nice walk, is vital to relaxation as well as staying healthy.

  • Schedule time to do nothing.

I know this one is definitely hard for me. I work three jobs, I am taking 18 credit hours this semester, I have two labs, and I want to be a doctor. All I want to do sometimes is scream, but when I am not busy, I get restless and make up work for myself to do. Finding a place of peace is important to leading a healthy lifestyle that is as free from unnecessary stress as possible. Find the time to sit somewhere and to feel comfortable not trying to be in 3 places at once. It can be very rewarding and will help you relax once you get the hang of it!

  • Take a job you find fulfilling.

Many college students have jobs to get extra money for things they need to pay for. I know I use the majority of my paycheck to goes toward planning vacations and paying for graduate school. However, I know that if I didn’t like my job, all it would be is a place where I found enormous stress and absolutely no benefits. Sometimes, we do not all have the option of not working and wandering off into the woods or into the city to people watch. Many college students have to work so they can afford to attend school or to buy things they want. Having a job where you feel good about what you do is key. This may be working as a TA for a class that you really enjoyed. This could be answering people’s questions. Whatever it is, if you can find some type of fulfillment in a campus job, jump on it!

  • Find a way to get to nature.

My campus is in no way heavily endowed with trees and meadows, but on every campus, there is somewhere beautiful where you can sit. I love to walk through the older part of my campus and look at the old brownstone building and smell the trees when I’m not having the best day. Finding these places where we can go and be so that we feel less stressed allow us to think through our problems rather than just thinking about them.

  • Form friendships

I know that I can be one of the most antisocial people in a room. If there is a chair next to someone and a chair all the way across the room by myself, I would likely take the chair that is very far away. However, forming relationships with people not only helps you learn better, it gives you a sense of belonging that, as much as some of us may want to deny it, everyone needs. We all need human interaction and we need it to really be human beings and we need it so that we understand that we are not completely alone facing the world. Having friends in your life can be the difference between dropping out of college and making it to the Dean’s List!

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