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How To Survive the First Week of Your First Year of College

While exciting and full of opportunities, college will definitely be one thing: stressful! Living away from home, trying to make new friends, trying to keep up with homework,  using this new thing called a meal plan: it sounds horrible! With all of that, it is important to find a way to survive. So here are 5 ways to survive – and conquer- your first week of your first year of college:


This works for me like a charm! Buying a planner not only shows you what you need to do on a certain day, but the physical act of writing actually allows humans to ingrain what they need to do into their memory more effectively than using a planner on one’s phone or typing out a schedule! The planner does not have to be huge or fancy, but I would say to give yourself enough space in it to write your daily events and duties out along with all of your homework assignments, office hours for professors, clubs, and activities.

  • Read your syllabi beforehand.

Many professors will send out a syllabus before the first day of class. READ IT and come to class with any questions you may have. The syllabus is full of useful information like when to come to office hours, how to get extra help on campus (for example, help with essay assignments at the writing center), and when most, if not all, of your assignments are due for the whole semester. It’s not easy to juggle all of your responsibilities in college, but it’s possible and manageable if you are able to be aware of what you need to do in the coming weeks!

  • Find all of your classes before the first day of class.

Most college students get back to school a few days before the first day of classes. Take the time to look at the location of all of your classes and find out where they are before the first day of school. Go from your dorm, or wherever you’re living, to your classes and find out how long the commute is! This will allow you to prepare for the first day of class and be on time!

  • Email your professors ahead of time if you’re not sure of something.

If you have a question about a book to buy or an assignment that may need to be completed before class, email your professor! Almost always they will email you back and answer any questions you have. Remember to be polite and professional in those emails! This will help you be prepared for the first day of class and also help you start to learn about what kind of relationship you will have with your professor for the semester.

  • Actually go to class.

This one may seem like a no brainer, right? Well, many freshman think that if they have the textbook and the assignment already given to them, there’s no point to actually go to the lectures. However, it is important to attend the class even if you think that you already know what is going to be covered! First of all, you could be very wrong about that, and second of all, this is an opportunity to make connections with a cool teacher who may help you get into a graduate program or get an internship! These things look great on your resumes or applications to graduate programs and will definitely also help you get an A in your class!

College is awesome, challenging, and proves to be a wonderful experience for many students who choose to attend, no matter when they go. Follow these tips to make sure you have a great year!

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