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5 Things I Learned My First Week At A Women’s College


I recently finished up my very first week at Hollins University. I walked onto campus a terrified freshman. Now, I’m a slightly less terrified freshman. I still get lost on campus, and I have no idea what many of the acronyms mean. And Tinker Scares frightened the hell out of me (first week of school? Really!?). 

Moving into a women’s college has quickly taught me a lot of lessons. It’s a bit of a culture shock to go from co-ed living to girls only. Before I list some of the things I’ve learned, I have to preface by saying how much I love my school already. I flipping love my school, and the women’s college atmosphere. Here’s what I’ve learned thus far:

1) There is zero pressure to shave or wear makeup

No shave November? More like no shave college. Going to a women’s college means everyone there knows how annoying shaving can be. Nobody is going to look at you funny if you’ve got hairy anything. But along these lines: if you do choose to shave, nobody is going to think less of you. When it comes to makeup, we all understand what a hassle it can be to get up earlier than necessary just to put goo all over your face. If you choose to wear makeup, we’ll compliment you (and your effort). If you don’t, we’ll compliment you anyway. You’re just as cute without it.

2) Most, if not all the people you meet are feminists

Women’s colleges tend to be liberal, which means everyone there (Professors included) have open minds about feminism. Nobody will sneer at your “I stand with planned parenthood” stickers. Most will actually compliment you on them. More often than not, you have deep, meaningful discussions on feminism with your peers. And you’ll have a great time.

3) You don’t have to be afraid of your classmates

What I mean by this is that you can walk up to any table at meals and no matter who’s sitting there, you’ll be welcomed with open arms. The second an upperclassmen finds out you’re a first year, they’ll probably squeal with excitement and welcome you to school (At least, that’s been my experience). Along the same lines, the women you go to school with are not your competitors, they’re your peers. You never have to feel like you have to beat out your classmates for grades, parts in the play, or internships.

4) You can talk about anything

Anything is fair game to talk about. Periods? We’ve all got them, let’s swap horror stories. Bras? Sure, what’s your size? Someone knows where to find a great deal on them. You don’t have to be afraid to talk about anything, even things that might have seemed taboo back home, or in co-ed company. You don’t have to be frightened to bring anything up. There will always be someone there willing to have a long conversation about it.

5) You might end up coughing up glitter

Let me explain. Crafting is a big part of my college experience thus far. My superiors have crafted glitter-coated mason jars for me, we covered hats in glitter for a future tradition, we’re going to bedazzle bras next month, the list is endless. It’s a running joke that glitter is our unofficial mascot. We all get excited about it, and want to find new and fun ways to use it in our crafts. Yes, it will get everywhere. Yes, you will be finding it in your hair for the next month. That’s half the fun! Now, where did I put my paintbrushes…

Long story short, women’s college is a wonderful experience and if you’re a woman looking into schools to apply to, consider a women’s college!

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