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An Interview with Sarah Zerbe, Fashion Blogger

Sarah Loiuse Zerbe is an fashion blogger with over 25.5k followers on Instagram as well as her own Facebook page, Pinterest and more, each with thousands of followers. As a fashion blogger, her social media outlets, in particular her blog and Instagram,  showcase her outfits, where she got them (she lists Nordstrom, Loft J. Crew and Lily Pulitzer as some of her favorite brands), and even include style tips such as seasonal style guides. All the while being a fashion student at UNCG! This month, VocaLady Magazine got a chance to speak with her for an interview.
sarah 2
1. Why did you decide to become a fashion blogger?

I am majoring in “consumer apparel retail studies” aka fashion in college, and I thought starting a fashion blog would be a great creative outlet, along with being a great asset on my resume. When I started Stylish Sassy & Classy I never thought it would turn into what it is today, what started off as mirror selfies is now turning into a potential career for me when I graduate.

2. What were some of the challenges you initially faced launching your brand?
Some of my initial challenges, and a challenge I still have sometimes today is finding time, and people to take my pictures. My best tip for overcoming this is to buy a tripod, they are not very expensive, that way you can be in control of when you have free time to take some blog pictures.
3. How have you effectively launched your fashion brand? What were your successful methods?
It is really important to find your own unique style, and stick to it. I learned quickly, you can not say yes to just any brand that contacts you, you want to only share brands with your readers that you have a personal love for, and that really represent your style. Also find what price point you want to really stick to. Such as, are you going to be a bargain blogger, moderate prices, or high end?
4. How would you describe your personal style? Is it any different than how you portray it on your site?
My personal style is classic, very colorful, fun, and a little preppy. I would say my blogs style very much so reflects my true every day style. The only exception would be that I do wear more Lilly Pulitzer in my every day life, but that is partially because I manage a Lilly Pulitzer shop in a department store.
sarah 3
5. Tell us about the feedback you’ve gotten on your work! Has it all been positive? If not, how do you manage?
I luckily (knock on wood) have not had any negative responses yet. My followers are always so sweet, and are the first people to tell me that they love my dress, or that my makeup is on point. It is very important to give feedback to your feedback, let your followers know you are reading their comments by replying to them.
6. What are some tips for people trying to launch their own fashion blogs?
Invest in a great camera, buy Lightroom and learn how to use it, it will be your best friend. I always say “blog like the blogger you want to be”, if you want to grow your blog that means treating it like a job, and putting in some quality effort.
7. What are your future plans? Where do you hope to see yourself in 5 years?
WOW that is a tough question. I am only 21, and I have big dreams #girlboss, I would hope that I am blogging full time which is what I love to do and helping inspire others to chase their dreams like I have mine.
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