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The Myth of Plus Sized Queen Clothing


Many women who are not stick thin are beautiful. There is no direct link between beauty and being a thin woman. But every woman wants to be able to put on clothes and feel beautiful. Every woman wants to feel good about her body when she puts on clothes. But unfortunately, there are very few options for plus sized women who want to look beautiful in their own clothing. Even when companies brag about the fact that they specialize in nice looking clothes for plus sized women, the clothing rarely looks the way on women that the manufacturers claim it will look on those young women. So why does it happen like that? And if so many of us are angry, why is there no movement to do something about it? We ought to see outrage from the media, right? Or at least a little bit of coverage?

The truth of the matter is that the media doesn’t care at all. The media doesn’t like fat people and the media has no interest in giving equality to people it considers ugly. And the media thinks that fat people, especially fat women, are ugly. A fat woman, no matter how healthy she is in reality, fails to exist outside of the realm of perfection that the media has grown used to portraying. Plus sized celebrities are not applauded until they choose to lose weight. Diets are praised for making people thin rather than making people achieve a healthier lifestyle and increasing their lifespan as well as their quality of life. For this reason, we only see plus sized clothing that looks good on models who really are not plus sized women at all. Larger than a size two, yes. Plus sized? Far from it.

Many women buy these clothes and put them on and feel completely ugly, which lowers their self esteem and causes them to hide behind clothing they don’t like. It isn’t the same thing as when I grab the first thing I can find and run out to class in the morning after I overslept. It is a conscious choice to grab the closest thing that can cover up the greatest amount of skin and cause them not to feel disgusting. Fortunately, not all plus sized women feel ugly because of the body they have and many do feel good about themselves. But an overwhelming majority of women complain about their bodies and wish they could lose weight; plus sized women definitely are not exempt from this fact.

So how do we change the way the media views large women? The first step is to change the mind of the public. Being larger than a given and ideal size is not always synonymous with being obese or even unhealthy. There are in fact some people who are naturally larger and have no health problems related to weight. They just happen to not fit into the narrow and arbitrary framework of what is expected of young women. Public understanding of that will change what the media views as normal. Secondly, we can demand clothing that looks good on larger women. While I am not obsessed with fashion, I know I don’t want to go outside in clothing that makes me feel self conscious about how I look! No one should have to suffer that and frankly, in the United States where you can buy a Fushigi, every woman should be able to buy clothes that she likes.

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